Abused Lola

Lola is a 3 years old and has brown hair and lives with her mum,dad,12 sisters and 8 brothers her parents hit her and then one day her mum comes home from work and finds lola dead. :(


5. lolas birthday

It was Lola's birthday she woke up and was all exited and thought she was getting a teddy and she would call him Mr clown but she woke and ran down stairs to see all her family standing there her sisters and brothers all went into the living room with her mum but her dad stood there and said happy birthday darling and gave her a box and she ran into the living room to say thank you to the family but she didn't say thank you to her dad she was now 4 and understood that he was abusing her and has been since she has been born.


She opened the box to see a teddy bear just liying there in the box she was so happy she pulled him out of the box and said hello Mr clown and ran over to an orange rag top with a sun on it and put it on Mr clown and said perfect.


she ran down stairs to show her mum sisters and brothers her dad said to her that look lovely darling and she kicked his shin she ran into the living room and told her mum he was hurting her but she didn't believe her and took her up stairs and smacked her bum and said  stop this badness get to your bed and stop telling tales your dad would never hurt you.


She hugged into Mr clown she looked at him and said I gave you this top because my gran gave it to me before she died I was two years old when she died and she didn't hurt me I loved her she died because my dad killed her because she loved me he told her she misbehaves she should not be loved. He was in jail for four days but he didn't care because he knew she was dead and no one was left to love Lola now.

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