Abused Lola

Lola is a 3 years old and has brown hair and lives with her mum,dad,12 sisters and 8 brothers her parents hit her and then one day her mum comes home from work and finds lola dead. :(


7. back for more

Lola was buried,her dad said she you in hell yeah he's going to hell Lola's going to heaven she went to his cell in the jail and nocked his food over she kept saying I'm back for more. He got scared more every day as Lola went to his cell  to scare him.


Lola went back the next day and he was gone his cell door was open so he checked every wear she found him he had been moved cell because to scared awww shame well he killed me now I haunt him said Lola she has came back hard and strong.


He began to cry I am



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