Abused Lola

Lola is a 3 years old and has brown hair and lives with her mum,dad,12 sisters and 8 brothers her parents hit her and then one day her mum comes home from work and finds lola dead. :(


4. abused morte than ever

He picked Lola up from nursery and dragged her to the car witch had tinted windows flung her in the boot and put duck tape over her poor wee mouth and tied her hands up behind her back with rope her hands got very sore and she started to cry and cry as much as she could but the tape was sore and the rope began to rub of her skin.


As he drove down the street he kept turning too tell Lola to shut her mouth or else she was in trouble even though she was in trouble as it is because he thought that the little boy from the nursery was telling the truth but actull Lola was telling the truth. She kept saying I am telling the truth I promise I am not telling fibs he is don't hurt me I am hurt to much.


They got home and Lola had stopped crying and her wristes were all red and her skin was all scuffed and her voice was sore as she had been screaming don't hurt me for 4 minutes and a half. Lola was son upset she went up to her room and looked at her calendar and noticed that two morrow is her birthday all Lola wanted was a teddy to hold tight when she was getting hurt. 





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