The Love Story Behind the Taj Mahal

Everybody knows Taj Mahal as one of the 7 wonders of the world. But do they know the story behind it? It all started with a.....


2. I want to marry her!

Shah Jahan, initially named Prince Khurram, was born in the year 1592. He was the son of Jehangir, the fourth Mughal emperor of India and the grandson of Akbar the Great. In 1607 when strolling down the Meena Bazaar, accompanied by a string of fawning courtiers, Shah Jahan caught a glimpse of a girl hawking silk and glass beads. For him, it was love at first sight. He approached her and got to know her. He asked for her name, and the girl was Mumtaz Mahal, who was known as Arjumand Banu Begum at that time. At that time, he was 14 years old and she, a Muslim Persian princess, was 15. After meeting her, Shah Jahan went back to his father.

-conversations are in English. These conversations aren't the exact one, but it's similar-

"Papa, papa! I have met this girl and I want to marry her." Said the prince. 

"But you barely know her, my son!" The emperor replied.

"But, papa. It is true love I can feel it!" He protests. "I will marry her and this is final." 

"No." The emperor said sternly.

The match got solemnized after five years i.e., in the year 1612.

Time flew by after their marriage from days, to weeks, months then years.




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