The Styles Brothers

like, comment, and favourite!! my carrots!!
A bit about the story:
You think you know the story goes: a girl meets the boys, fall in love, have sex, and conclusion happiness ever after.
But that's not how it is here,
It is a story, about a girl, name is Rose, meets the boys. She DOSENT find them attractive, and the boys didn't notice her.
But with one wrong step, she finds herself in between triplets,
Mixed with her emotions.
She thinks she will go with Niall,
But will it work out?
I mean seriously, work out?!


4. Author note

Sorry if you expect this a chapter! 

But am sad that nobody is reading my story :( 

please comment like and fav, to the least, so I would be a little bit happy,

you see...broken, my story, was a big blast, so I suspected that it would be the same here

dont make me feel sad please carrots

so 5 fav please?

thanks a lot carrots!

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