The Styles Brothers

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A bit about the story:
You think you know the story goes: a girl meets the boys, fall in love, have sex, and conclusion happiness ever after.
But that's not how it is here,
It is a story, about a girl, name is Rose, meets the boys. She DOSENT find them attractive, and the boys didn't notice her.
But with one wrong step, she finds herself in between triplets,
Mixed with her emotions.
She thinks she will go with Niall,
But will it work out?
I mean seriously, work out?!


6. 5

I opened my eyes, to reveal the dark room of mine. It hadn't been long, since I got a fine good sleep. It been almost a month, since that cursed cast in my arm, but yeah whatever. I climbed off my bed, as I hurried to the kitchen, just in time to see ash. Her eyes were directed to me, as a small smile formed. "Guess what? Niall asked me out" she said loudly, hiding something behind her back. 

"Really..that's good" I sluttered, before backing a step from her. She almost looked like Bloody Mary. Her eyes were red and puffy, as mascara ran down her checks. It ain't my fault, I told myslef. She is the one who ran away, and now she comes with this silly comment. "You find it silly huh? I bet you won't find this as silly as that!" She yelled, as she jumped to me, her knife stuck out in the air. I fell to the hound by force, as she was above me. The fuck?! Is she gonna kill me?! I got nervous, as I looked around for a way to get out, but neither am I strong, or anything was good enough.

 The last thing I saw, was the hot red liquid flow in the ground.


harry POV:

"why should I go?" I groan, before taking the jacket off the couch. Marcel rolled his eyes, as Niall smirked. "Because someone here is in l-o-v-e" he teased, as I threw the pillow right in his face. That caused it to fly back right in my face. I groaned, "fine, fine, but if she rejected me you will..." I warned, as he laughed. Yes you read right, I love her. I been hiding this like a long time, but just the though of her made me smile like a joker. I miss her around us, and I can'tbeileve what happened.

i drove to her home, before parking the car, I heard a screech. I jumped off the car, as I reaced to the house, pounding the door open, to reveal ash above her?! I stopped in my tracks, as I saw blood....

my love, is she dead?! 

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