The Styles Brothers

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A bit about the story:
You think you know the story goes: a girl meets the boys, fall in love, have sex, and conclusion happiness ever after.
But that's not how it is here,
It is a story, about a girl, name is Rose, meets the boys. She DOSENT find them attractive, and the boys didn't notice her.
But with one wrong step, she finds herself in between triplets,
Mixed with her emotions.
She thinks she will go with Niall,
But will it work out?
I mean seriously, work out?!


3. 3

We all sat in a wide circle, Harry in my right, and Niall in my left. They all seem in their own conversations, waiting for louis to get the bottle. Don't get the wrong idea, they are all cute, funny, got amzaing personalities, but definitely not my type. I really do like them, just in the friendly side, nothing more or less. I can't imagine myslef with one of them.

 In the other hand, ash seems so happy, and excited. She is getting along with everyone, and especially toward Niall. Her eyes were only, and off in him, why can't she make it less clear? I thought to myslef. And she was the one who told me I attract boys. I sigh.

 I was happily discussing with marcel, he seems to be a sweet boy. We were discussing about many theories, till louis burst into the room happy with the bottle. "I got special dares for my ladies" he winked at me, as I blushed and looked down. Niall coughed, and hugged my closer to him,. Weird boy, but let it be.

 The game was to start, but interrupted my door opening. All the eyes followed the figure who came in. This is third brother, he had about the same looks like Harry, but more badass. Tattoos covering his body,piercings. He smirked, as he noticed my stare.

 "And who is she for?" He asked in a husky voice, pointing toward me. Hey, why is he talking to me as if I am some used object?! I groaned a bit, "I am Rose, and ain't for anyone except my own self, now if you excuse us, we...." He interrupted me by a kiss in the check. "Girls with confidence...what a turns on" he whispered in my ear. I froze. Did..did he just said that?! Niall pulled him away from me, and hugged my tight. "Sorry, she is mine" what the fuck?!

 " I am not Niall" I said as I pushed him away. He looked at me with teary eyes, but I looked away. Oh god, if I knew all this would happen, why not just stay at home?!

i noticed ash, she seemed to angry. She stood up, and slapped me right at my face.

their were gasps, I looked at her. "Did..did you just..slapped me?!" I said angrily. She turned and walked away, but noticed her tears.

god damn it, what did I do now?!

"oh shit" Harry said. Tears were forming in my eyes, and looked at Niall. "Niall...please date ash. She loves you" I ran away, as I felt the pain eating my hurt. I could hear yelling behind me, and someone grab my arm. I turned around and noticed marcel.

"yes?" I asked a bit shaking, "I can drive you if you want...your house is far"  I nod, and cried in his shoulder. He he stated for a second, and hugged me. "Marcel?" I asked, as he smiles. "Yeah?"  "You are a great friend" his smile grew, as he took my hand, and we drove in silence.

i hope she ain't there..


i opened my eyes, to see a happy ash. She had the widest smile in her face. "Ash?" My voice broke. She nod and hugged me, tears running down her checks. "Thank you so much, and am so sorry" I shakes my head, and kissed her check. "No worries, now about to thank make the breakfast today" she rolled her eyes, and smiled. She went downstairs, as I prepared mylef for today. Talking about today, why is she thanking me?

clueless as usual, am I?

my phone rang, as I saw it was only a text. 

"Hey I am marcel, um would you like to meet me in the park? "

Awe, em that is just so cute. Maybe it won't harm to be a good friend, right?

i texted back yes, asking for the time. I ran downstairs, but tripped right in my face.

"ouch!" I yelped, as I slowly stood up, by the help of ash. "OMG are you fine? You always fall like an idiot" I chuckled, but groaned from the pain. My jaw hurts so badly, but thanks to our beautiful nurse (ash) she helped me with the bandage and everything.


"Today am starting work" she said with a mouth fill with pancakes. Wow, I never thought to wake up, and find her not there. "Awe, but why?" I said in a joking way. She rolled her eyes, "and you got work as well" I groaned as I remembered. I got to work in that shop, in which Niall is working in it..

"so you are dating Niall, right?" She nod, as she ate another pancake. I ate slowly and sighed. "I am going to meet marcel today at the park" her smile grew bigger. "I knew it!"





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