The Styles Brothers

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A bit about the story:
You think you know the story goes: a girl meets the boys, fall in love, have sex, and conclusion happiness ever after.
But that's not how it is here,
It is a story, about a girl, name is Rose, meets the boys. She DOSENT find them attractive, and the boys didn't notice her.
But with one wrong step, she finds herself in between triplets,
Mixed with her emotions.
She thinks she will go with Niall,
But will it work out?
I mean seriously, work out?!


2. 2

Ashely and I were in the middle of the living room, watching the night on elm street. Let me tell you one thing, this is fucking scary! "Please..let us at least open the lights" I said, as I noticed the excited look on ash face. "Scaredy caty" she said, and chuckled. I rolled my eyes, "what a good come back" I walked to my room, and sat down at my bed.

that when I heared my phone. I sigh, wishing it ain't Sam. It been like only a day, so if he did, I am shutting this damn phone. Luckily it ain't him, but in fact an unknown number. 

(Rose=R, unknown=?)

R: hello?

?= hey rose..

wow so he does knows my name, well it is a in Irish accent, could it be that..

R= Niall?

N= wow you did knew that! well I thought if we could get to know each other more! and I got some friends in my home, so maybe you and your friend can come and we could hav a nice time..

I can see it was hard to him to say that, so why not say yes? It ain't like I have a boyfriend now..

N= are you there?

R= oh sorry! just thinking about it! and yeah I would definitely like to come! just send me the address as a text.

N= the gentleman me! can't let a woman drive alone! why not I pick you up?

R= aww thanks! that would be great! bye 

N= in 7:15 bye 

I hang up, and looked at the time. It is barely 6. I noticed a grinning ash in the door, crossing her arms. "I heard am invited" she said, as she smiled and sat down next to me. "Yeah, well we got an hour and 15 minutes, so let's get ready now?" She chuckled, "don't dress formal, just casual" I reminded her, as she run to her room. 

I sighed, looked again at my phone. I wonder if he is happy..


I cleared my head, and run to my closet. I didn't really finished all my packing, but at least there were some clothes her and there. I grabbed a white jeans, and a top sleeveless, red, with a scarf in my neck. I imagined that in my head, and noticed how formal it is. I threw them away, and put on my bluish shirt written "I rock, and you sux" with a tight blue jeans, and my vans. 

That's perfect. I hurried and put it on, and put on my makeup. I am not a fan of makeup, so I just made a smoky eyeliner, and lipsticks, with a light blush. I Cade my hair into a ponytail. Oh shit, I forgot to send him my address. I hurried to my phone, and noticed it is already 6:45. I sighed in relive, and texted him my address.

i walked downstairs, and notified an excited ash. She had her hair in a bun, with a red shirt, and tight black jeans. She looked lovely. "You look AMAzing!" She said, as she hugged me. "The same thing to you" we both sat down, doing nothing, except for sure Ashely eating a sandwich. I sighed, and looked over at the clock. That when I noticed my phone buzz. "He is here" I said, as she jumped from her place, and we both walked out of the home. She finished the sandwich right after we reached to his car. His car looked so lovely, and since I ain't an expert about cars, I didn't know what kind it is.

"hey lovelys. Cmon ride in" we smiled, and opened the door, to reveal another four boys. We re totally squeezed. "Um you might sit in my lap, since there is no place" he had tattoos all over his arms, with a jet hair, and eyelashes, oh god, longer, way longer than mine. I blushed, as ash gave me a good sign. I nod, and sat awkwardly in his lap. "Guys, this is Rose, Rose they are my friends." Niall introduced proudly. I giggled, and smiled.

"I am zayn, you got a nice smile" the guy I sat in lap, said. I smiled, "great to meet you" next to us, was a curly haired guy, and another guy. I couldn't see well how did they looked, since it was dark. But they all looked so good.

ash sat between those two guys, chatting freely with Niall. They might get along togther, I thought happily. He soon parked his car, infront of a huge house. My jaw dropped open, but zayn lifted it up. I smiled at him, as he did to. We all get out of the car, and entered to the massive house. This will be fun.

we met each boy, Liam, Harry, marcel, louis, zayn and not forget the famous Niall. (Cause we know him first). They said one of the triplets are out, so don't get worried. "Wow you are triplets?" I asked amazed, by the fact i lived to see a triplet. Well they ain't here all, but Harry and marcel is. "Yeah we are" Harry said with a cheerful smile. I wanted to ask more, but better keep it for another time. Oh boy, this is fun.


hey carrots!! Well guess what?! Chapter 2 is out! Please comment if I should continue or not! I would really love your supports, likes and fav! Thanks again!

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