The Styles Brothers

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A bit about the story:
You think you know the story goes: a girl meets the boys, fall in love, have sex, and conclusion happiness ever after.
But that's not how it is here,
It is a story, about a girl, name is Rose, meets the boys. She DOSENT find them attractive, and the boys didn't notice her.
But with one wrong step, she finds herself in between triplets,
Mixed with her emotions.
She thinks she will go with Niall,
But will it work out?
I mean seriously, work out?!


1. 1


my sleep was all fine, but till the moment Ashley thought of waking me up. "Wake up! We got many and oh so many things to do!" I tugged under my warm blankets. "Go away" I said annoyed. I didn't hear a thing for a while, so I felt better, and closed my eyes.

"I just called your boyfriend, and he is cheating on you" she said. I looked up, and she chuckled. "Heck no will. He leave you, now since you are up, go and take a warm bath" she offered me the towel, as I sighed. I knew their was no way, at all to sleep.

u took a quick bath, with the warm water, which really refreshed me. I dressed up casually, and run downstairs, at the same second when Ash felt dramatically at the floor. I rolled my eyes. "Now what?"

Me and Ashley moved her a week ago, and since it is London, I still can't get hold of myself. Well this a miracle, the first time out of Australia! You got that right, am from there.

"we have no food" she said, fake sobbing. "Calm down girl, we are going shopping right away" I said with a smirk, "and just to say, you are acting was so funny" she smiled and hugged me from the back, "won't you want to have the evening with me" I chuckled at her jokes, you see we are so close friends, that we have a slight sismance, or what ever you call between girl friends. 

"I got my own boyfriend, but thanks to the offer" I playfully said. She rolled her eyes. "Well get ready, go dress" she nods, and run up to her room.

one thing about this girl, she loves food. I just can't beileve the fact she eats a lot, but never get fast. I sigh, as I looked everywhere for he shopping list. It should be here, I thought to mysłef

she ran back downstairs, and smiled at me. "You searching for something?" I nod my head, still searching between the couch. She slipped her hand in and out of her pocket, and gave me the list. "Your welcome"


we both walked around the huge market, trying to find the icecream part. We both gave up. "Why don't you go ask that one" she said pointing at a guy, probably working here, since he got the uniform. "Ok, wait here" I ran to him, and poked his shoulder. At first, he didn't notice, so I poked harder and coughed. Suddenly he looked around,  a blonde haired guy, with sea eyes. 

"Um..well where is icecream part?" I said a bit worried if I said the correct words.. He was stunning for sure, but not my type I guess. "There, need any other help?" He pointed, 

and smiled a cheerful smile. I smiled back, "thanks, and no, we are almost done" before I could go away, he grabbed my wrist. "Um..can I have your number, I mean you are a cute girl, and maybe we could be friends" he said looking down. I blushed for what seemed my third time, and raised my eyebrow. "Wow..well yeah, I guess that's fine right?" It seemed more like a question, but anyways gave him my phone.




"you need to know I am in a relationship...."  

"Niall, and am aware of that" he said with a bright smile, as we talked for a bit, and returned back to the angry Ash. "How do you get all the hot boys on earth?!" She said pissed of. I chuckled, "how don't you get fat?" She sighed, rolled her eyes, and we both went to the icecream section.

as we were almost done, I remembered the cute guy, Niall his name.


"Hey, tell me what happened there" Ash said excited. I sighed, and fell hard at the couch. "He just said am cute, asked my number to be friends, talked a little, then came to the most angry girl I seen" I said with a chuckle. 

In seconds I could hear my phone, so I did grabbed and answered the call from my boyfriend, Sam.

(Rose=R, Sam=S)

R: hey 

S: hi, well are you?

R: am great, what's up?

S: well we got to talk about something...

my heart beated a little fast. We never talked like this, so what's wrong?!

R: yeah?

S: I really love you..I mean I do care about you, but I met someone...who I found greatly my type. Am so sorry..

i blinked the tears that formed in my he is breaking up with me? That simple?! Ash noticed my tears, and her face grew angry red. She took the phone from my hand, before I could react, " you bullshit, you made her cry, remember me coming to your house cutting your fucking face off!" With that she closed the phone. I gasped, then all the sobs run freely.

 She calked me for a while, but she knew that nothing could stop me crying. He was my everything, then out of nowhere 'hi I got a new girlfriend now bye' fuck boys..



hi carrots! How did you like the story till now?! I know it will be a bit boring in the Begining, but have faith ;) love you all.xx

ps: icecream is mine

ps: will download chapter 2, right away

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