a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


10. Who's gonna make it

skylers P.O.V

"skyler get your lazy ass up" violet screamed in my ear "IM AWAKE SEE LOOK IM UP" I scream back in her face I get up go have a shower did what I normally do when I get out I grab a random pair of clothes which consists of a black tank top red shorts a knitted grey sweater with a panda head on it and a panda bennie and white converse wow lucks on my side today I slowly make my way downstairs where violet is sitting on the couch with one direction I walk past them  wait what I slowly go backwards towards the door of the house lounge "hellooo guyyyss" I say dragging on some of the letters Harry automatically stood up and walked over to me I gave Him a giant hug and a peck on the cheek when I pull back Harry's as bright as a tomato " hi Harry " I say staring in his eyes "h-hi s-sky-ler" awwwwwww he's shy he quickly walks back to his seat while the rest of the boys give me there hugs when they pull back I pull my straight brown and tip dyed blue hair to on side and start playing with the blue bits I start to look around for a seat but there was no more " where am I ment to sit" I whispered " you can sit on Harry if you wouldn't mind" Niall says smiling at Harry who is blushing I nod and make my way over to Harry and sit on his lap he wraps his arms around my waist I looked at his arms my eyes trailed down to his hands which has a couple of rings on them I start playing with one of his rings by twisting it around his finger over and over on the couch in front of us I saw Niall nudge Liam and pointed towards me playing with the ring Liam then nudges Louis and dose the same gesture that Niall did Louis smiles from ear to ear okay now I'm getting curious I want to know what they are doing  eh it can wait I carry on playing with the ring " hey Harry" Louis say with the same smile " yes" " you never let anybody touch your rings not even your mum why can she touch them"  "um I well um um" awwww it's cute watching him try to think of an excuse " come on Harry you can tell us were your best friends" Liam said urging him on" um because she's special to me so she can" Harry whispered obviously not wanting anyone to hear I blush furiously " awwwwwww" violet says hearing  I swear she has the hearing of an elephant " I like potatoes" Niall said out of no were everyone laughed while they were laughing I whispered into Harry's ear " I like being special to you" I say him blush I was about to peck his cheek when he turned his head we locked lips It's amazing.

Harry's P.O.V

we locked lips wow her lips are perfect for mine it's like we were made for each other we finally pulled back everybody was looking at us oh no " SKYLER AND HARRY SITTING IN A TREE DOING SOMETHING THEY SHOULDN'T BE STARTS WITH S ENDS WITH X OH MY GOSH IT MUST BE " violet put her hand over his mouth before he could finish "Louis shut up and leave the two love birds alone they need privacy " she said as she pulled the boys out of the room into the kitchen " any way I was um wondering if you wanted to ahsjcjdnvhdjchfnf" I said stuffing up the end " yes" wait is she familiar with my language  " wait what" " I said "yes I will be your girlfriend " as soon as those words rolled of her plump red lips I smashed my lips against hers we got pulled apart we look in front of us to see the boys and violet standing there they all sit down into the places were they originally were I wrapped my arms around her protectively and rest my chin on her shoulder I look towards the boys "well we originally came here to tell you if you got into live shows or not" Liam said I felt sky tense up waiting for the answer "well we decided that" Niall slowly said "your going through" me and the boys say together "ahhhhhhhhhh" sky screams and turns her body on mine and gives me a hug while crying violet was jumping up and down" I hope those are happy tears baby" I whisper to her while hugging and stroking her hair " yes they are happy tears" she looks up towards my face a d gives me a. Kiss boom fireworks is all I feel sparks flying all around us she slowly pulls away and gets up and gives the boys and violet a hug Liam says we have to go me and the boys give our goodbye hugs while sky gives me a kiss while I walk out the door when we get in the car my lips feel cold their missing the heat from the one I love wait did I say love yes I did I love skyler I miss her lips her touch her eyes what ever sky's doing to me has one hell of an effect on me I look out the window thinking of sky damn she's gonna be the death of me.

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