a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


18. Who's going to win


today we find out whos wins the xfactor( sorry guys but I'm skipping the xfactor bits :)) me and vi are just sitting backstage waiting with the boys intil  they decide " it's taking to long" I whined for the 10th time and just as I said that the backstage dude came " okay you girls can go on everyone else is on stage" me and vi make our way on stage and stand next to Simon we are his only group left the rest got voted out Simon grabbed hold of our hands greeting us with a kiss on the cheek and a hello " now in third place is" the suspense was surrounding the air  " Amy silverwest" Kelly gives her girl a giant hug " in second place is " please make us first " summer clearspring " omg were first me and vi start jumping up and down " WE WON OMG WE WON" Simon cheers in happiness and gives me and vi a hug me and vi got given our mic we walked back on stage " now the girls will be singing an original song of theirs so give it up for sky and vi " we start to sing neon lights ( yes I know it belongs to Demi lovato but for this it doesn't )  once we finish the boys come jumping on stage and the crowd went even more wild all the boys can running at me and vi and chrushed us in hugs we made our way of stage the boys all cheered loudly I then only just noticed Niall and zayn had their arms wrapped around pretty girls " vi and sky I would like you to meet zayn and nialls girlfriends zayns girl is Megan " Harry said Megan was really pretty zayns lucky she was about 5 foot 6 she had hazel eyes long dyed red hair she waved at us " and nialls girl is serena " Liam said serena was really pretty as well she was around 5 foot7 she had bright blue eyes long blonde hair with blue tips I'm jealous of both of the girls beauty  Harry walked over to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder while I leaned my head on his shoulder " this beauty here is my girlfriend skyler " Harry said showing a wide smile while talking about me Harry looked at me knowing what I was going to do he let go of me I made my way to Megan and serena and I gave Megan a giant hug when I turned to serena she hide into nialls arms looking shy while Niall tightened his grip around her aww there so cute  ( hope you don't mind being shy serena) " hey I'm skyler but you could call me sky" I knew to never just hug a shy person straight away I had to be friendly she  smiled at me while hopping out of nialls arms and gave me a giant hug now I was not expecting that I walked back over to Harry he wrapped his arms around my waist resting his head on top of mine I hate being short Louis wrapped his arms around violets waist  " and this is my girlfriend violet " vi slightly blushed she waved at Megan and serena they waved back it was an awkward silence after that and I suck when it comes to awkward silence " okay to break the awkward silence because I don't do well with them how about we head back home to go to bed" they all agreed we had to say at the boys hotel when we got back they all went to bed me and Harry made it to his room " do you want something to sleep in" he scratched the back of his neck which he seems to do quiet a lot in these situations " um if you wouldn't mind" he got up walked over to his draws and picked a t shirt out and made his way over to me " here you go" I stood up and took my top of showing my black laced bra Harry looked shocked by my actions and covers his eyes " Harry it's fine you can look because its not like I'm completely naked" he slowly removed his hands and took of his shirt and pants leaving him in his boxers Jesus Christ he is fit i turned back to putting my shirt back on it was plain black " um I will sleep on the couch " he was about to make his way out when I stopped  him  " Harry your my boyfriend you can sleep in the same bed" " are you sure" " yes I'm positive " me and Harry layed down he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer i leaned my head on his chest " goodnight Harry" " goodnight sky I love you" " love you too " " forever" " and always" I feel asleep straight after that. 

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