a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


2. the call

"why is this movie so sad"i said to no one in-particular this is a wonderful way on how to spend a Saturday by watching sad movies eating a tub of ice cream and oreos.why cant my life be like a movie i could just imagine it me being some sad lonely girl who bumps into some random dude and us falling in love and all the i got pulled out of my thoughts by the phone ringing "hello" "is this skyler jones im speaking to" "yes why" "because we have seen your videos of you and miss violet singing and we would like to offer you girls a chance to audition for xfactor would you like me to put you on the list" "i wouldn't like it i would love it" "okay auditions are tomorrow morning at 11 alright" "yep all goods bye" "goodbye" i chuck the phone on the couch i start jumping up and down " yay yay yay im auditioning for xfactor whoohoo oh wait" i stopped jumping because how on earth am i going to get violet to audition well this is going to be fun.

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