a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


25. Surprises


im a nervous wreck my palms are all sweaty they won't stop shaking I run a shaky hand through my hair waiting for sky to show up I was about to call her when I heard a sweet delicate voice that I love so much "Harry " I looked up to see sky in the tight fitting black dress we brought at the mall the other day just seeing her in that dress make me even more nervous I stood up and pulled the chair out for her and pushed her in I sat back down in my seat we started talking and ordered our food -SKIP DINNER- the nerves were back I took sky's hand leading her to the beach once we reached the beach we started walking down the beach holding each others hand talking we were about half way down the shore when I stopped her she looked at me in confusion I got down on one knee I heard sky gasp I pulled the ring out of my blazer pocket with shaky hands I opened in and held it in front of me "sky we have known each other for two and a half years the first time I laid eyes on you I knew I was in love I had to get you I tried my hardest and look at me now I'm with the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with so skyler Elizabeth jones would you do the honour of becoming mrs styles "I said she nodded not being able to speak I stood up placing the ring on her finger once I did she pounced on me and hugged me I wrapped my arms around her hugging her back she was about to get down when I moved my arms and picked her up so I was holding her bridle style she looked at me and giggled "what are you doing "she asked wrapping her arms around me staring into my eyes oh how I loved her eyes they were always filled with love every time I looked at her "well my love I am carrying you to the car" she giggled slightly shaking her head I'm so happy she said yes .


once we got home everyone was there waiting well except the girls because they are visiting their family's vi ran at me "did you say yes" I nodded with a wide smile spreading across my face she squealed while hugging me the boys were around Harry saying congrats "I just wish the girls were here too" vi nodded in agreement but ended up sighing at the end "yeah but they would be happy" I nodded before walking up to the boys "don't mind if I steal this stranger" I said they nodded" go ahead " Niall said I took Harry's hand and lead him to our room I sat down on the bed not knowing if I should tell him I know I should i was looking down at my lap Harry noticed my change of mood and came and sat down next to me "hey you alright babe" he asked wrapping his arm around my shoulders "do you ever want kids" I asked not moving my eyes from my lap "yeah of course I do " he replied  " would you want kids now" I asked nervous of his answer I felt him grab my hand" of course I would love to try" I looked up at him " we don't need to try" I said he looked at me a wide smile spread across his face "y-your pregnant " he asked I nodded he a tear slipped his eye I was kinda worried because I didn't know if it was a tear of joy or sadness he jumped off the bed giving me a fright I was about to stand up when he started fist pumping the air " I'm gonna have a kid " he said I giggled at how happy he was he came towards me and picked me up spinning us around once he put me down he asked " how many months " I looked up at him " one" I answered he nodded "when are we going to tell" he asked" we could tell them now but your telling them " he nodded excited he picked me up and ran down the stairs and into the lounge to see vi and the boys Harry putted me down gently on the couch and looked at them "what's up "Liam asked "well not much just the fact that I'm going to be a dad but yeah not much" they nodded taking another drink from their glasses before spitting it out they looked at us with wide eyes "WHAT" the all shouted Harry nodded and they all stood up saying congrats they then came up to me "how many months" Louis asked his arm wrapped around vi "one" I said placing a hand on my stomach they all nodded happily and gave me hugs but being careful the weren't squishing the baby I sighed happily because my baby's going to have a happy life no matter what. 

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