a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


24. Shopping


we arrived at the mall and hopped out of the car I linked arms with Megan and vi Megan linked arms with Serena we walked into the mall I pulled us over to dotti I heard the boys groan while walking into the store with us I unlinked arms and ran over to the dress area the girls went to other places while vi just talked with the boys I looked at a dress it was black and it was tight fitting so it showed of ya curves it was strapless and showed your back i smile grabbing it of the hanger and ran to the changing rooms and changed into it I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled its amazing I walked out of the room to see a worker standing near me he looked at me up and down I shifted uncomfortable with his eyes on my body he wolf whistled "wow your a pretty lady would you like to accompany me home" I was about to say no when I felt a arm be placed around my waist I knew it was Harry by the safe feeling I got I looked at his arm to see it was tense "no she would not" Harry growled near the end he huffed but walked away I turned to face Harry " so how do I look" I asked doing a twirl "sexy like always " I hated it when he called me sexy or hot and he knows that I punched him in the shoulder playfully " you know I hate it when you call me that it sounds like I'm just a peice of meat" I said Harry chuckled "well I have to get this dress off " I said walking back into the changing room I took of the dress and got back into my clothes I walked out to see the boys and girls standing there the boys had arms full of clothes besides Liam and Louis and Harry I giggled and walked over to Harry he pulled me closer with his arms around my waist I wrapped my arms around his neck "can you hold this for me babe" I asked grabbing the dress he nodded and held it i moved back and moved back to the top and pants area I chucked 18 tank tops in his arms 12 t-shirts 6 pairs of shorts 4 pairs of jeans 2 pairs of sweat pants once I was finished I turned to look at Harry to see him standing there with a bored look on his face I walked up to him " dont look so bored you'll get you reward later" I said his face lighted up he nodded quickly we walked towards the counter I got my wallet out and paid while Harry kept on complaining that he should pay but I payed no attention once we got into the car I turned on the radio one of mine and vi's songs was on it was neon lights me and vi started singing all our parts. sky- baby when they look up at the sky we'll be shooting stars just passing by you'll be coming home with me tonight we'll be burning up like neon lights. Violet- be still my heart cause its freaking out its freaking out right shinning like stars cause were beautiful were beautiful right now . Skyler-your all i see in all these places your all i see in all these faces so let pretend we're running out of time of time. Violet & skyler-baby when they look up at the sky we'll be shooting stars just passing by you'll be coming home with me tonight we'll be burning up like neon lights. the radio got turned off I turned to look at who did it to see Harry moving his hand back onto the wheel "what why" me and vi said at the same time he looked at me" um because we are home " oh I didn't know that I smiled and hopped of the car and made my way to the boot I opened it and was about to grab my bags when I was stopped by Harry " I got it babe" I shook my head he smirked at me and pushed me against the side of the boot he pushed him self as close as he could i felt his minty breath on my neck I gulped he placed kisses around my neck i took in a sharp breath I could feel him smirk "are you going to let me take the bags now" I nodded he pushe himself off of me and grabbed my bags I walked up behind him I stood on my tippy toes "just letting you know that was your prize" I whispered into his ear I turned around and skipped into the house hearing Harry yelling "THAT'S NOT FAIR " I giggled but stopped to yawn I rubbed my eyes and looked at the time 9:30 pm eh might as well go to bed I walked up to mine and Harry's bedroom and stripped down to my bra and undies I put on one of Harry's tops it goes to mid thigh I climbed under the duvet and snuggled into the pillow seconds later Harry walked through the door and frowned " how come he gets a snuggle" he asked I shrugged and snuggled further into it till my face was covered "no please cuddle with me " I giggled "is someone jelly of a pillow" I joked " yes yes I am" he replied I chucked the pillow back into its place " fine come here "I said with my arms open he striped down naked "really " I asked he nodded "what I like sleeping naked" I laughed he climbed into bed I moved into his arms he wrapped them around me pulling me closer i rested my head on his chest "I like this pillow better" I said snuggling closer into his chest "I love you" I mumbled half asleep "I love you with all my life "he replied I smiled falling asleep.

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