a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


12. More practice


"Violet get up" I heard sky whisper into my ear " I don't want to" I mumble back "you get to see Louis " as soon as she said that I jumped up and ran to the shower ill admit it I have a crush on Louis which Is surprising considering I don't partically like one direction but they are alright but I don't see why Louis would bother with me considering he just got out of a break up with Eleanor so it probably won't happen but I'm willing to try my hardest we'll any way I walk out of the bathroom just wrapped in a towel and see a set of clothes on my bed obviously sky wants me to wear it I walked over to my bed and looked at what sky had picked she picked a white and red striped top with Mickey Mouse on it and a pair of blue sweats and white converse that's the thing that surprised me most about sky was that she always had to be fashionable where ever she went but she always did it comfy I get changed  and  pull my hair up into a pony tail  and grab my phone and walk down the stairs while playing with the red tips in my hair " are you ready to go I already wrote a note to the other groups not like they care but are you ready" sky said while walking over to me she was wearing something similar to me except her top is black and white stripe and has Daffy Duck on it  and black sweats and yellow converse " yep all ready lets go" sky grabs her keys and were out the door we make it to the arena just in time we quickly  make our way in as soon as we walk in sky being the clutz she is had to trip over a step that lead us into the area and landed on her ass with the loud  bang from sky all the boys turned to look at us while me and sky are trying to keep our laughter in Harry is the first to stand up and run over to us and picked up sky " are you alright babe" Harry asked while kissing her i roll my eyes at the love birds "yep all goods just being the clutz I am" sky says while letting out a giggle wow never in a million years would I think to of heard sky giggle wow is it the end of the world all the other boys make their  way towards us and gives us hugs then we make our way up onto stage " okay you know the drill except this time we are gonna change your song and we have hired a professional dancer to teach you the moves to your song" Liam said looking at a clip board in front of him SHIT!!! Why do we have to Learn how to dance.

skylers P.O.V

"WHAT we have to learn how to dance I couldn't dance if my life depended on it" I said " well then this is going to be fun to watch" Louis says laughing grrrrrrrrr " I don't want to" I say whining like a little kid Harry chuckles and pulls me into his side " we you are  so get up on stage and sing a new song" Liam said " uhhhh fine" me and vi make our way up onto stage and decide on which song we make sure the boys can't hear " we should sing one of their songs" I say quietly so no one could hear " sure what's the harm" she said sarcastically " oooo I know heart attack " I whisper to vi "ok" me and vi turn around I walk over to the dj and tell him I walk back on stage and the music plays we finally finish the song the boys stand up and clap and cheer they sit down " wow that was amazing " Harry said lifting me off the stage and kissing me " guys it's practice time not kissing time" Niall said pulling us apart " but but" Harry begs  as Niall pulls him out of my reach " my baby" Harry says while pretending to cry into nialls shoulder  I start cracking up laughing "we'll any way  I just got a text from the dancer saying she will be two hours late" Liam said looking up from his phone " we'll what are we gonna do in the next two hours" vi asked looking around the group " I have no idea" zayn said shrugging well lets just say the next hour contained a lot of laughing and me and Harry making out.

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