a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


9. Mentor

violets P.O.V

"violet wake up" sky said while shaking me " I'm up" I walk to my closet pick out my black top with the word best in white and some green shorts and black converse I walk into the bathroom and do what you normally do I slowly walk downstairs to where sky is which is the lounge where everybody else is wow me and skyler are basically matching instead she's wearing her black top with friends in white and blue shorts and black leather converse wow freaky "violet and skyler your turn" we make our way to the outside area where one direction and Simon cowell is "hello girls"Simon says smiling "hi" we say at the same time "when your ready you can start" Liam says smiling I start to get ready for my part

skylers P.O.V

"When your ready you can start"Liam says smiling I take a deep breath and start singing impossible by James Arthur me and violet finish the song and we make our way back inside " wow that was amazing.

Harry's P.O.V

" it's scary how much they remind me of us"Louis says while looking at us with eyes wide in shock "they were amazing I thought skyler was amazing" I say while turning a bit red just thinking about her " awwwwwww hazza has a crush on skyler " I turn as red as a tomato while all the boys just laugh at me "so tomorrow we will meet here and decide on who's going through okay " uncle si says while looking at us " okay" we all say at the same time oh how I hope sky and violet get in.


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