a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


14. Live show


" I'm really nervous vi" I said while walking next to vi towards the entrance of the arena we had to meet up with the boys backstage " I know I'm kinda nervous as well but not that much" she said while walking through the door way that lead us backstage with me behind I could hear all the boys messing around laughing we make our way to the boys they were all in a dog pile with Harry on the bottom trying to get out to breath but failing badly  " what's going on here" I say while putting my hand on my hip vi runs over and jumps on top of Louis and started to stand up slowly on his back so she ended up crouching and started to put heaps of weight on the boys they all groan in pain I make my way towards the pile and looked at all there faces Harry looked in so much pain then there was Niall awww look at that innocent face it was as if he had done nothing wrong and all of a sudden ended up in the pile he looked so out of breath then there was Liam with the same expression as the rest which is pain awww my poor boys " vi get off them now and boys stand up" vi gets off of the boys and then the boys stand up I make my way towards them with my hands on my hips while their stretching " okay who started it " I said while eyeing all of them they moved out of the way leaving Louis standing in the middle I make my way over to him " Louis why did you start it" he looks down guilty " I know you were just having fun" I said while hugging him " sorry mum" he whispered in my ear yeah most of you will find that creepy but its normal for me because I'm mummy direction " it's okay " I said while kissing his for head yeah me and the boys have like a mum and son relationship I turn towards the boys " and I'm dissipointed in all of you for just pointing Louis out straight away" I said while walking over so I'm In front of them they all look down " sorry mummy " I walk around all the boys giving them hugs and kisses on the forehead when I get to Harry I said" also I find it really weird that you call me mum while we're going out" " thank lord you agree" the boys and vi said at the same time" violet and skyler your on in five" the instructor said the nerves all came flying down on me again and the boys and vi could tell so they all came over to me" sky don't worry you will be amazing" Harry said while hugging me" we agree" the rest of the boys said at the same time " and sky no need to worry ill be there right beside you" vi said pulling me towards the side of the stage I wave to the boys " GOOD LUCK" they all shout me and vi get our mics and make our way on stage" welcome back girls you can go when your ready" Simon said the music starts playing and before I know I'm singing and dancing.


"wow that was amazing girls" they judges said at the same time while we make our way of stage me and vi run towards the boys I jump up on Harry and give him a giant hug " WE MADE IT" " I know baby I know" Harry said while kissing me when we pull back I turn towards the boys who were saying congratulations to us except I didn't see vi or Lou I turn my head towards the corner and see then kissing WAIT WHAT the boys turn there heads to where I was looking and have the same exspression as I do shock" we should probably should go" I said while walking towards the door with the boys and vi as soon as we get outside of the judges house I give the boys a hug and Harry a kiss I run into the house with violets wrist I run up to our room and lock it " jeez what was the rush" vi said " tell me everything between you and Louis now"

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