a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


26. Labour


-NINE MONTHS LATER- it has been nine long months waiting for the baby Harry hasn't left my side once so I'm just sitting here on the couch in mine and Harry's room while the boys and their girlfriends are downstairs watching movies and talking Harry wanted to stay with me but I made him go down stairs to have fun. You might be wondering why dont I just go downstairs well it because its getting a lot harder to get up because of my big belly so I just sit up in mine and Harry's room not really doing anything. "I'm so bored" I groaned looking around the room for something to do my eyes stopped on the tv remote sitting on the bed side table on the other side of the room I groaned "looks like I'm getting up" I said I used the couch arm to push myself up and let me just say its not very easy once I finally stood up I felt something wet on my legs I was about to look down when I felt a pain in my stomach I fell back onto the couch holding my stomach fuck I'm in labour "Harry" I called I didn't get a reply the sharp pain came back but it spred to my area "AH" I moaned in pain "HARRY" I shouted when the pain came again I heard the movie stop and muiltipul footsteps up the stairs the door flew open to reveal Harry and the boys they came rushing over to me "are you okay" Harry asked worried I groaned " the baby's" I got cut of by another pain I threw my head back and screamed Harry instantly knew what was happening "she's in labour" he said standing up and grabbing the bag that had some clothes for the baby and for me once he grabbed it he came back to me "come on we will just get you to the car try holding it in" he said the boys helped me up and down the stairs to the car "I'm trying but it doesn't want to wait "I said screaming in pain the boys hopped in the car with the girls in a car behind us once we got into the hostipal I was rushed in "she's in labour" Harry shouted nurses came running towards me I was placed in a wheel chair and was being wheeled through the hall ways once we reached the room the nurse asked "you can have three people" I looked at the boys and girls "vi Harry and Niall" I replied getting another pain they put me on the bed and took my clothes off and put a gown on me the nurse was at the other end getting ready for the baby I screamed in pain "push when I say push" I pushed while screaming I gripped vi and nialls hands while Harry was wiping the sweat of my forehead " push" I pushed again screaming Niall looked in a bit of pain from me squeezing his hand but shook it off" okay one more push" I pushed as hard as I can i heard a a cry I looked to see the nurse holding my baby "who's cutting the cord" Harry moved forward and cutted the cord "congratulations it's a boy " Harry's face brightend up the nurse cleaned him up and wrapped put on the onsie that's blue with little blue mittens and a blue baby beanie she wrapped him up in a baby blue blanket she walkd towards us nialls and vi's face also brightened thinking about having a nephew I had a big smile on my face "would you like to hold him" I nodded she handed him to me vi and Niall moved out of the way so Harry could stand next to me I gave him a kiss on th head and looked at Harry " do you want to hold our boy" h nodded excitedly I handed him to Harry once Harry got him he stared at his face "hey little guy I'm your daddy I'm going to teach you how to play football like your daddy " I slightly giggled Harry turned so I could see our boys face his eyes were tightly closed "and this is your mommy she cooks the best food there is I like pancakes do you like pancakes" I laughed at his silly conversations with our new born son " what's his name " Louis James styles" he said I nodded she wrote it down on his birth certificate we sighed our names on it but instead of me writing jones as my last name I wrote styles even though we aren't married yet "ill let the rest in " I nodded in seconds the boys and vi came in "where are the other girls" I asked "they had to leave so the wanted me to say congrats" Liam replied I nodded "what's his name" I turned to see vi holding Louis "Louis James styles" Louis's face brightened " Louis and vi would you like to be the god parents "Harry asked the Louis nodded holding baby Louis " I'm going to teach you how to play football "Harry groaned " but I was going to " he whined I laughed thinking about my sweet baby Louis .   

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