a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


21. Going shopping


thump thump thump I heard under my head I moved slighty and quietly and looked at the sleeping Harry I ran my hand through his curls he groaned slightly and looked at me for a second before closing his eyes again I sighed and climbed ontop of him sitting on his stomach I leaned down and kissed him he opened his eyes when I pulled back " wake up Harry" I said he shook his head and closed his eyes I groaned what am I gonna do oh I know I kissed all around his jaw he slightly opened his eyes I moved down towards his neck slightly biting here and there he shot his eyes opened and looked at me "sky w-what are y-you doing " he said between moans that escaped his lips I looked up at him and smirked " are you gonna get up now " he shook his head rolling over I rolled off him " ass" I mumbled walking towards the bathroom as soon as I locked the door I thought of messing with him " oh Niall" I yelled but not to loud just so Harry could hear I heard footsteps running towards the door and bangs against the door " open up this fucken door " he yelled through the door I giggled while opening the door in only a towel " yes Harry" I said all innocently he pushed past me and checked every cupboard before looking at me he walked towards me and pushed against the door gently " where is he" he growled towards the end I smiled " he was never here I did that so you would get up  " " oh thank lord you fucken gave me a heart attack " he said putting my hands above my head not realising I was in a towel so the towel ended up falling to the floor Harry realised what happened  and looked down at my body I moved out of his way but before I could hop into the warm water Harry grabbed me making fell fall onto his area as soon as I came in contact with his area it went hard " really Harry a morning boner" I said giggling "oops not my fault " he said putting his hands up I made my way into the shower feeling the warm water all over me I looked at Harry to see him slightly biting his lip " oh just get in already" I said he quickly got unchanged and hopped in " but no funny stuff not matter how horny you are Harry" he groaned but nodded -AFTER SHOWER- I had changed into a top that Harry got me thats white and in big bold black letters it says fuck off I'm taken with black ripped skinny jeans with my white converse I walked down stairs to see everybody in the kitchen drinking cups of coffee or tea " morning people" I said skipping towards the fridge " she's in a happy mode Harry what did you do" Liam said nudging Harry " absolutely nothing " he replied shrugging I started laughing but I had not idea why " what is she laughing at" Harry asked vi " oh this is normal so,e days she will be happy and will just laugh randomly " she replied like it was no big deal I had finally calmed down and went to sit but there was no where to sit " oh and hi Megan serena "  I said waving at them while they were wrapped up in zayn and nialls arms they waved back " I know what we can do today" I said getting really excited " no no no pleas no sky" vi begged knowing what I was going to say " we will go shopping" " you have fun with that babe" Harry said " nah ah ah you boys are coming " they all looked at me " no please no " they all whined " I'm not going  to go shopping I hate shopping" Harry whined i gasped while walking over to him and whacking him around the head " ouch why did you do that" he said rubbing the back of his head " because shopping is apart of me and you are basically saying you hate me " I said while crossing my arms " no baby I'm sorry " he said begging me I turned around and walked back to the bench which was on the other side of the room I heard someone get whacked " nice going Harry " zayn said so obviously zayn hit him around the head I heard a chair move and someone wrapped their arms around my waist I jumped in fright and looked at who it was it was Harry " babe I'm sorry" I ignored him and turned back to my coffee "babe please talk to me ill go shopping with you" I turned towards him" yay lets go shopping" I said while wrapping my arms around his neck " you tricked me" he mumbled i nodded he leaned in more" I'm a  manipulative bitch " I whispered " indeed but your mine" he said slamming his lips onto mine I pulled away for breath " lets go" I said giving him a peck on the lips and moved towards the door " come on people" I hopped into the car everybody else followed "OFF WE GO" I shouted next to Louis's ear he flinched " sorry boobear" I said giving him a hug and  sitting back in my seat can't wait till we get to the mall.    

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