a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


13. Dance

skylers P.O.V

the dance teacher finally came "okay sky and vi get on stage" Liam said I pull away from mine and Harry's make out session I was about to hop off his lap when he pulled me back down and gave me a quick kiss then let me go I make my way up onto the stage were vi and the dance lady is" hello girls my names ruby and I would like you to show me and the boys all the dance moves you know and we'll work from there" she said hopping of the stage and sat next to the rest of the boys I walk over to vi " what moves" " sprinkler and the robot" " ok" we turn towards the boys we start to do the sprinkler the boys start to crack up laughing we next do the robot they are all on the seats holding there stomachs while laughing we make our way toward the front of the stage by the time we get there the boys and ruby are all standing up and being the clumsy ass I am slipped on the edge of the stage " ekkkkkkk" I squeal I wait for my body to smash against the ground but it never did I felt warm tense arms around me I slowly open my eyes to see myself in Harry's arms " Jesus Christ skyler are you trying to give me a fucking heart attack " he yelled while putting me down I look down at my shoes if there's one thing I hate is being yelled at " I'm sorry" I whisper while a tear falls from my eye yeah I know this sounds pathetic but if you grew up with people yelling at you all the time . You would understand " babe look I'm sorry you just worried me" Harry said while putting two fingers under my chin to make me look at him he wiped away my tear " but aren't you angry at me" " I could never stay mad at you" Harry said while leaning in I lent in also I felt his warm lips on mine " guys um do I have to tell you again it's practice time not kissing time" Niall said pulling us apart me vi and ruby make our way back up on stage " okay I just need to know what the song is and ill make a dance" " heart attack" me and vi said at the same time " okay well I'll show you the dance and then I'll break it down then once you know the dance well bring in the back up dances alright" "yep" I say waiting for her to start she walks over to the dj area and plugged in her iPod all of a sudden the start of heart attack came on she walked into the middle and started doing different moves but they weren't that hard because we had to have a mic the music stopped a d at the same time ruby did a twist and stopped right when the music finished " wow that was amazing" I said while walking over to her with vi right behind me" thanks now you ready to learn it" " sure" I said " not really" vi said unsure .


we finally learnt the dance and we had did it with back up dancers and mics " wow that didn't take long even us boys would take longer to learn that" Harry said while standing up with the rest of the boys " of course we did do you wanna know why" I said " sure why" Niall said " we'll because girls are more superior than boys " I said joking with them "what no way" all the boys said at once " yes way" vi said putting her had on her hip " here how bout  we are all the same deal" ruby said while looking between us " deal" we all said at once " okay well lets go get something to eat and no more singing vi and sky because we need to rest your voices for tomorrow" Liam said " yes sir" I said while saluting to him and marching my way to the door " are y'all coming" I asked hopping they would hurry up " we're coming" they shouted while running towards me " STAMPEDE" I shouted while running out the door they all started laughing at me " you are so weird " Liam said" even weirder than Louis which is hard to beat" zayn said while catching his breath " yeah well she's my weird girl" Harry said while walking over to me and putting his arm around my back my phone started vibrating in my pocket I pulled it out to check the text it's from Simon.

-from Simon -

girls you must be back at the house now for tomorrow's show

so I texted

-from skyler-

were on our way.

" Boys we have to go Simon wants as in the house" I said while giving hugs vi copy's Harry pulls me into him " I love you" he whispers into my ear I've been waiting for those three words to roll of his lips I give him a kiss as I pulled back I whispered " I love you too" me and vi then leave now let's just say that I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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