a talent to be

skyler and violet are ordinary best friends with a bit of a twist they both have been abused,bullied and told they couldn't do anything but one day the xfactor comes to their town and they decided to prove everybody wrong.but who knew it would change their lives forever with the help of five certain boys(PS:sorry about spelling mistakes)


20. As time goes by


We have finally arrived back home its been a year since I have been away from Harry  I miss him so much we only got to talk at least once a month because we were so busy and the boys were in the middle of writing their new album that has just been released its called midnight memories that reminds me the boys are waiting outside the plane somewhere me and vi grabbed our luggage and made our way through the crowd of people we are so stupid " fuck vi we should of put our hoodies on" I whispered to her seeing all the people crowding around us shouting "SKY OVER HERE" "GIRLS CAN I HAVE A AUTOGRAPH " and stuff like we love you and all that its a complete disaster we tried to push our way through but got no luck "vi what if I shout for the boys " I said to vi trying to be louder then the screams around us she nodded so opened my mouth "HARRY" I shouted as loud as I could but got no response so I tried again " HARRY HARRY HELP US" I shout louder than I ever thought I saw five hooded figures running towards us they pushed through the crowd but not fast enough I felt my anxiety start to kick in my breathing started to get heavy my hands started shaking vi looked at me with a smile but its disappeared and turned into a panicked exspression she grabbed my hand and grabbed Louis's we were being pulled and we bolted for it as soon as we reached the car and hopped in my breathing got heavier I ran a shaky hand through my hair Harry say what was wrong and rushed grabbed my hands "deep breaths sky through your nose out through your mouth" I coped his actions and took deep breaths feeling my heart rate slow down to its proper speed as soon as it was gone I looked at Harry with tear full eyes and jumped on him hugging him he hugged me back "i missed you so much"I whispered in his ear he replied with "I missed you too sky " I held my tears in I felt something wet slide down my back i pulled out a little to look at Harry to see that he has puffy red eyes and tears pouring out of his eyes a single tear slipped my eye I whipped it away with my thumb looking at the broken boy infront of me "aw bub  come here "I said to Harry opening my arms he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close and buried his head into the crook of my neck and cried his eyes out I have never seen him this broken something else must of done this to him as soon as we reached his room I layed him down on the bed while he was still crying I was about to walk away for a shower when I felt him grab onto my wrist "d-d-don't l-lea-ve m-me a-a-again p-p-pl-leas-e " he said between crying I looked back at him he looked so broken he looked at me with whimpers escaping his lips I climbed into bed and watched him cry into his pillow "come here Harry" I cooed he removed his head from the pillow and wriggled into my arms he buried his head into my neck and cried I stoked his hair "my poor boy what's wrong " I whispered he turned his head to the side and looked at me "it's about Niall" I was slightly confused "he said he wishes he was dead because he said nobody could ever love him and he's worthless "I gasped "but Harry why are you crying " " I don't want to lose one of my best mates " I now understood because if  vi were to say that I would be just the same "Harry you gotta calm down please " he whipped away his tears and moved back onto his pillow "your right I'm sorry" I sighed" Harry you don't need to be sorry " I played with his fingers "I guess I was just sad about what Niall said and when he said that I thought about you I felt like you were going to leave me for someone better " he sighed near the end " Harry I love you but one day I will have to leave and I won't just be leaving you I will be leaving everyone else to but keep this in mind you can love somebody but once you love them they will never be forgotten " he smiled at me "ill be back I'm going to talk to Niall " he nodded I got up gave Harry's kiss and made my way towards nialls room to hear him playing the guitar I knocked on the door I heard the guitar stop I heard footsteps towards the door the door opened to reveal a topless Niall with blood shot puffy eyes and tear trails going down his face "may I come in " he nodded not saying a word he moved out of my way I walked into the room I turned to Niall once the door shut " why did you say those things " he sighed "Harry told you didn't he" " this isn't about Harry why would you say that " he was about to say something before he fell to his knees crying I bent down and pulled him into my arms "why can't my life be perfect like yours you don't get all the hate " he looked up at me " Niall my life's not perfect" " what do you mean " " I'm going to tell you my life story " he nodded " I never had the perfect life never had loving parents they abused me yelled at me they didn't care I was their slave but one day they were driving home from a club and well they slammed into another car that had a women and her 2 year old daughter in the car when I found out I cried but not for my parents but for the women and child  her child deserved a happy life and my parents ruined that I was 14 at that time so I got sent to a orphanage they treated me the same way my parents did I had no friends everybody hated me but one day it got out of hand and I tried to kill myself but it didn't work because I was found before I could die I just wanted to die I even started to cut I thought nobody would ever want me so I feel into depression I became anorexic I stopped talking I never smiled ,laughed or had any fun it stayed like this till I was 17 I got annoyed and did something I will always regret I beat the crap out of every single person in there and ran I didn't stop running intil I ran into vi she was in a similar position she ran we instantly became friends we never stopped fighting for what we wanted and look at us now were hanging around the most famous band ever we are famous we proved everyone wrong " I smiled through the tears that were trailing down my face I looked at Niall to see him in the same state "so Niall what I'm trying to say is nobody's perfect because behind every girl or boy eyes there is a broken smile a mind full of hate but they push though the dark to reveal the light " he looked at me "I don't understand " " what I'm saying is dont let people push you around you are better than then so stand tall and show them that they don't affect you" he pulled me into a hug " thank you" he whispered in my ear " it's alright" he pulled out and looked at me " no really thank you sky you have helped me out with every problem I have you understand everything I'm going through " I have him another hug before standing up and walking out the door while saying " now go to sleep and when you wake up I want to see a a happy Niall one that won't let any one push him around who doesn't care what people say I just want you to keep your head up even when the sky's get rough " "I will goodnight sky" " goodnight ni" I made my way back to mine and Harry's room to see Harry fast asleep I got into my pjs and hopped in next to him I rolled over so my back was facing Harry I was about to fall asleep when a hand wrapped around my waist pulling me into Harry's chest my head was rested on his chest he whispered " I love you more than anything" I felt him kiss my forehead a drop fell on my face I didn't know what it was but I wasn't going to move because Harry will know I'm awake I stayed still with a wet drop laying on my face Harry whipped it away but I only just realised that it was a tear I feel asleep to Harry's steady heart beat. 


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