When Love Comes Knocking


2. The Big News

After the bell rang for school to be over me and Jossi drove to my house.I couldn't wait to find out what our present was.We were so excited and couldn't stop thinking of it.We also couldn't stop thinking of what Karen said this afternoon."She's so lucky." Jossi stated."But she's also bitchy." I reminded her."Ya, that too." she replied.Soon we were in front of my house.We walked in and we tried to find my mom.She was no where to be found.Just then I heard Jossi say something, "Guess, we have to find our surprise." As she handed me a note from my mom.

Hey Dears,
I thought it would be fun to have a scavenger hunt.I left some clues around town.It's going to be so fun!Anyways hears your first clue: Roses are Red and Violets are Purple and Daisys don't droop. --Love Mom xoxo

"What do u think that means?" I asked.We sat at a table trying to figure out what it meant."Well it talks about flowers." I pointed out.We both stare at each other in shock we both knew what it meant.We ran outside to the flower beds.We found another note. 

Look from above.
-Love Mom xoxo

We ran upstairs looking down at the flower that were right outside the balcony.We were shock to see that the flowers were another note.

Shop till u drop. Right?
-L.M. xo

"Damn she really thought of this." Jossi joked."Yup." I laughed.We were sitting on my bed trying to figure out what the note meant.When Jossi jumped up, "I know!Remember when she took us shopping last time and you wanted to leave but I always said shop till you drop. Right?" I remembered, and I quickly grabbed my keys and drove to the mall.When we arrived we ran to our favorite store, Hot Topic.And of course what we find when we get there.Yes, an other note.We grabbed it and read it.

Hey Dears,
I know you are getting tired and want to know what your surprise is already, so this is the last clue: I want COFFEE! I WANT COOOOOFFFFFFEEEEE!!!!!!!!
-Love Mom xoxo

"What does that mean?" Jossi asked.I started blushing and told Jossi what it meant while we walked back to the car. When I was a little girl my mom would always took me to a coffee shop near our house. One day I wanted some coffee but my mom wouldn't let me try some, so I threw a tantrum.She wouldn't let me forget that I did that. When we arrived to a coffee shop we walked in and found my mom drinking coffee.We sat with her and waited for her to finish her drink."Did u have fun?" she asked. "Yes!" both me and Jossi screamed."Ok so I guess I should tell you what your surprise is." she said."I GOT ONE DIRECTION TICKETS FOR US!!!!" she screamed.Me and Jossi both speechless, we couldn't believe it."Are you serious?" I finally asked."Yup." was the last thing i heard before I fainted.

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