When Love Comes Knocking


3. Forget, Forget Me Not

When I woke up I was in my room, But how did I get here? The last thing i remembered was fainting at the coffee shop, because of ........? I don't remember that either. Soon someone walks in my best friend, Jossi. "How do you feel?" asked Jossi. "I'm alright but what happen?" I replied. "You don't remember?" She looked at me with a confusing face. "No." I was still wondering of how I got here and why I fainted in the first place. "Well the doctor did say you might forget a couple of things." I had no idea what she was talking about. I gave her a confused look. "Well, when you fainted you hit your head on the table, and we took you to a hospital. The doctor said you might forget things, because the impact of the table hitting your head was a great force or something like that." that explains why I don't remember why I fainted. "So, why did I faint?" I finally asked. "Your mom got us one direction tickets to see them next week, and we are in the front row!" Jossi screamed. Who was this one direction thing? Was it a band or a show? Did I like them? Who or what was she talking about? Ugh, I'm starting to get a headache from all this thinking.

Jossi's P.O.V

When I told Nicole the big news she just seemed confused. She couldn't forget about her favorite band or could she? I finally asked, "Do you remember one direction? You know the famous boy band, 4 British guys and 1 Irish guys. How about Niall, he's your favorite?" I asked her so many questions, but she didn't reply. She just looked at me with a confused face. "Look at the posters around your room." She turned her head a she finally noticed all the posters on the walls. "Who are they?" she asked. They are one direction. "This is Niall, the Irish one that you love, well loved." I say while pointing at a poster on the wall. She just look at me with a confused face again. How could she forget? Well it's not like she forgot on purpose, but still she would go crazy over them.

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