The birthmark

Lily is an 19 year old girl. Harry is a 20 year old boy. They are from two separate worlds or at least they are now, They've met before as kids in fact they were inseparable. They were each others first loves but when harry left to join a band they lost contact. now harry is trying to find her and he has only one clue: the star birthmark on her right cheek. But there is only one problem, she doesn't want to be found.


5. The concert

          "Ugg are you sure?" I groaned getting out of the car. "Yes I'm sure," she said. "Why me" I said. "Because Emma cancelled on me and I'm not wasting two front row tickets" she said. Bingo. There's the reason. "Wait! Front row?" I said. What if he recognized me! "I should have covered my birthmark better!" I shrieked pulling my concealer from my bag. "Stop! He won't recognize you!" She said. We got into a huge line full of screaming girls. "It's not like a lot of girls have birthmarks in the shape of a PERFECT STAR!" I pointed out. "Lily shut up!" She said giving the man our tickets. "Harrumph" I said crossing my arms pouting. We found our seats. We were right in front of center stage, that's just great.



"THANKS FOR COMING OUT TONIGHT" Louis shouted as they walked off stage. Well almost all of them harry stopped and began walking towards me. I decided to act as if I didn't know him. "Lily?" He asked. "Go away" I said crossing my arms. "Come on" he hoisted me on the stage and I dragged Shea. "OMG" she whisper yelled. Harry was dragging us back stage. "Why are you ignoring me?" He asked. "I'm not I simply told you to go away" i said. "Fine why should I go away?" He demanded. " you left me!" I took off running. He was faster than me but I got a head start. I passed a blonde boy, Niall I think his name is who stared at me weirdly. I dashed through the doors grabbing my keys from my purse. Shea could find her own way home. I got in and shot from the parking lot. Luckily I was In front of traffic so I got home in ten minutes. By the time I got inside I was bawling. 

         "HOW DARE HE JUST SHOW UP LIKE THAT!" I screamed at nothingness. I locked the door after taking the spare key from under the rug. Ha now Shea couldn't get in unless I let her in and neither could the boys. I grabbed my iPod and speakers and blasted my chemical romance and fall out boy oh and a bit of panic at the disco. 

          After about an hour or so I hear pounding against the door. I turn off the music and shout "who is it!" It's a minute before Shea replies "just me!" "Just you" I ask. "Yes!" 

         I open the door to see Shea and five boys. I shut the door. "Aw come on!" I hear harry shout. "Bye!" I reply. I head upstairs and pack two suitcases full of necessities before climbing out the kitchen window on the first floor. I sneak to my car and quietly put my bags in. I throw the house keys at them and hop in locking my doors. I have got there attention now. They are running to my car but I'm already half way down the block. I get to a hampton hotel and buy a room for a week. I also request that if anyone comes a calling I'm not here. She agreed and I went to my room. I put my stuff down and fell asleep as my head hit the pillow.  


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