The birthmark

Lily is an 19 year old girl. Harry is a 20 year old boy. They are from two separate worlds or at least they are now, They've met before as kids in fact they were inseparable. They were each others first loves but when harry left to join a band they lost contact. now harry is trying to find her and he has only one clue: the star birthmark on her right cheek. But there is only one problem, she doesn't want to be found.


8. Poke her

       "Is she dead?" I heard Niall ask. "No she's always been a heavy sleeper" harry chuckled. Ugg why can't I sleep in peace? "Poke her!" Lou said sounding as if he were hyped up on sugar. "Poke me and you will loose a finger!" I growled. The floor was so uncomfortable! I opened my eyes to see them all standing around me. "Perv's" I muttered standing up. "We are not perverts!" Liam exclaimed. "Oh so for you guys staring at someone and watching them sleep is perfectly normal" I asked. "Duh!" Harry said. "Watch it" I said turning to leave. "Make me!" I heard him say, so I flipped him off before leaving. I went to my hotel room and layed down. I closed my eyes and felt the bed sink down, someone else had gottin on the bed. "Are you mad?" Harry asked barely above a whisper. "Yes" I stated turning away from him. "I'm sorry!" He cried forcing me too look into his green eyes. "Harry there here!" I heard Niall shout from the hallway. "Coming" he got up and I followed him. Who could be here?


     "Hi I'm jasmine!" A girl with brown hair and eyes said shaking my Hand. "I'm nialls girl" she continued. As she shook my hand her sleeve came up enough to let me see cuts on her arm. "I'm Jessica!" Another girl said coming up to me. She also had brown hair but hazel eyes. "Lily" I said smiling. They walked to there boyfriends as another girl came over with really long brown hair and hazel eyes. ""My names Nicole! I'm dating Lou!" She said I smiled "lily" I said and she rejoined her boyfriend. Finally one more girl walked up. "Diana" she said without looking up from her phone. She also had brown hair and eyes. Wow I thought, "I'm lily" I said kindly. "Are you dating.." I trailed off waiting for her to tell me. "Harry" she said walking away smacking her gum. How pleasant. A girl runs down the street towards Liam. She jumps in his arms and gives him a huge kiss. She had firey red hair that went to her shoulders and hazel eyes. "Mikayla" she said at last turning to me. "Lily" I said. I knew me and her would be friends. I also noticed all the girls were American except jasmine who was Canadian. I was in my own world until I heard Jessica shout "let's go clubbing!" Great just great.

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