The birthmark

Lily is an 19 year old girl. Harry is a 20 year old boy. They are from two separate worlds or at least they are now, They've met before as kids in fact they were inseparable. They were each others first loves but when harry left to join a band they lost contact. now harry is trying to find her and he has only one clue: the star birthmark on her right cheek. But there is only one problem, she doesn't want to be found.


6. How did you find me?!

       I woke up with a terrible headache. I looked around and sighed. Maybe I could just stay here until I'm sure they've moved on and then I can go home. I'm tired so I order room service instead of going down to breakfast. "Can I have pancakes, bacon, and hush puppies?" I speak into the phone. "Yes mam right away" the man spoke from the other line. I hung up the phone and sat on the bed. I put all the pillows behind me and sat on the bed facing the tv. I was flipping channels but stopped when I saw myself on the news. "The unknown female was dragged backstage along with a friend at one directions London concert last night. We later saw the woman sneak from her house with bags and drive away from them. Who is she and what happened to her?" A picture of my face accompanies the the ones of me sneaking out and even one of me walking into my hotel room. I hear a knock at the door. I get up and open the door, food! I take the food and shut the door. As I'm sitting on the bed reading twitter I find some nasty tweets.

@lilyawesomesauce stay away from harry or I will cut you! 


@lilyawesomesauce you hurt the boys I will stab you!


i decided to reply @lilyawesomesauce I don't care what you do or why you do it! I'm trying to stay away from them and why would you care what they think? They don't even know you exist! I hope you hurt me :P


immediately reply's began to come in. But I just turned of my phone. I nibbled on my hush puppies as I watched chalkzone. (I remember that show! The 90's kids will to!) soon I heard another knock on the door. "Who is it" I asked in a singsong voice. "Niall" I heard someone say. I automatically knew all the boys were outside. I looked through the peephole standing on tippy toes and saw all the boys, no Shea in sight. I sighed opening the door. "Stay in the living room no eating!" I said. I grabbed my clothes and went in the bathroom locking it. As I stepped in the shower I wonder what a mess I must have looked like. Dried and run mascara, hair a mess, clothes wrinkled. Ug. I finish my shower and get out. After drying myself with a towel I slip on ripped blue jeans, a pink croptop and blue converse. I put in my belly button ring and five earrings on each ear. I put my hair into a high ponytail and put on some makeup. I stepped out of the bathroom.

       "You have five minutes to explain why I shouldn't kick you all out, starting now." I said and harry stood up. "Because I saw that tweet you made, they will take you seriously and hurt you. I still love you" he said. I slapped him. "Ow!" He exclaimed. "You totally forget about me and then you DARE to say that to me!" I lifted him up by the front of his shirt. Yes I was strong I work out. 

         "Damn" zayn said and Lou wolf whistled. "I didn't leave you I was busy!" He defended. "To busy for the one you "love"" I said using my hands to put quotations around love. I dropped him and ran to my bag. I found what I was looking for and hid them behind my back. Niall tackled me and grabbed it. He succeeded considering I was totally off guard. 

      "Why?" Niall asked. He was holding it in his hand. Razors. "Go away!" I exclaimed trying to grab it. He just grabbed my arm and looked at the inside. The other boys had come over to and were staring at the crisscrossed scars sprinkling my arm. "Why" harry muttered. "Because you left!" I screech pulling my arm away. I run out of the room and down hallways, up stairs. I find a closet and curl up inside. How did they find me?


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