The birthmark

Lily is an 19 year old girl. Harry is a 20 year old boy. They are from two separate worlds or at least they are now, They've met before as kids in fact they were inseparable. They were each others first loves but when harry left to join a band they lost contact. now harry is trying to find her and he has only one clue: the star birthmark on her right cheek. But there is only one problem, she doesn't want to be found.


10. Dark past

         I walked into the house hoping to see shea asleep so I can go upstairs to bed undetected. At first it seemed as if she was but then I saw her. She was hung from the ceiling he eyes rolled into the back of her head, and cuts all over her body. My scream caught in my throat as I saw the bloody scrawl on the wall "I haven't forgotten." I fell to the ground in a heap, the tears jumping from my eyes."why!" I screamed at nothingness. When I had partially regained my wits I called 911 barely understandable through the crying.

       When the police arrived along with an ambulance I broke. I sat on the curb broken inside. The tears came no more as I stared blank at nothing. My past has come to haunt me, the past no one not even shea knew about. When they said the would come for me I didn't believe them I thought that after so much time they would forget. Apparently not.

       Faces come and go, people five me hugs tell me how sorry they are about my loss and I wanted to scream at them "No you didn't know her! Your not sorry!" But I don't. All I can do is sit there as everyone on our block comes to me. I don't even care when James and Harry come or when the other boys come to. My body is going numb but I don't try to stop it. Soon the police allow me to leave and somehow I end up in the guest room at Harry's place. 

      I hear them speaking about me, they think I'm asleep, that I can't hear them. They talk of how they wish to take me to the doctors how ill never be the same. Soon I drift into a restless sleep hoping I will wake up and this will all of been a dream.


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