The birthmark

Lily is an 19 year old girl. Harry is a 20 year old boy. They are from two separate worlds or at least they are now, They've met before as kids in fact they were inseparable. They were each others first loves but when harry left to join a band they lost contact. now harry is trying to find her and he has only one clue: the star birthmark on her right cheek. But there is only one problem, she doesn't want to be found.


7. Contest results!!!

Ok guys I felt really bad about making you wait so here is the results! (Due to the fact that I had six Nialls and 0 Liam's one person who put Niall is getting Liam)


harry: harrysprinces1999

louis: Nicole tommolover

niall: 1Dbiggestfan

zayn: Jessica Payne 

liam: Kayla_Lynch


so sorry if you didn't make it!!! I put all the names in a cup and picked randomly!!!!!! 


Happy hunger games and may the odd be ever in you favor!

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