Hurt Like Fire

A boy named Adam hates school, and his social life which of course he doesn't have. He always eats alone at the lunch table and doesn't really have friends. A rude girl, named Gracie, honestly wants to make him feel miserable. The only problem is....Adam doesn't need anymore pain. He soon meets a boy named Kade, who doesn't seem to mind what others think of Adam. He likes Adam for who he is. Will Adam fall into the darkness or will someone or something help him live?


1. Good morning

  He felt the bumps on his wrist before pulling on a worn out sweater and walking out the door into his front yard. He waited looking at his phone to check the time every now and then. 

   "The bus was suppose to be here by now," he whispered to himself then sighed. He noticed a girl slouching over and texting on her phone as she flipped her brunette hair. "She must be the new student," he thought. 

  Finally she dropped something and he raced over to help her pick it up. She whipped her head around to see him coming, and she slowly sat back and relaxed. Her face was slender, and her eyes had the color of sea blue. 

 He picked up the supplies she had dropped and turned to face her. "Why thank you," she muttered. He thought for a moment of what to say back then spoke,"My name is Adam. Adam Starling." She rolled her eyes and then blurted out,"I'm Morgan Freeman!" 

 He winced at her harshness and then talked softly,"Really. What's your name? I won't bother you anymore. There was no reason to act so sour." She glanced down at her hands and then replied,"I'm Gracie Chance." 

  "Bye, Gracie." he muttered then trailed off back to where he had been standing. Adam pulled his beanie to the side and adjusted his pale-colored glasses. "Wonder what's up with her," he grumbled before the bus pulled up, and he walked onto the bus to see Gracie sitting in the only empty seat.




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