Unlucky In Love

"Sells love to another man, it's too cold outside, for angels to fly"
Harley Normand was paid to be the girlfriend of the one and only Ed Sheeran. He is told he can do anything he likes with her, just as long as she's paid. But what happens when Ed's best friend, Harry Styles, enters her life and tries to help this angel find a way out?...


9. Chapter 8: Start of Sequel

It has been five weeks since Ed and I broke. Harry and I became public. Everything is going great. Except for one thing. I'm pregnant and it's Ed's baby. Yeah, so I have to care for the man who beat me's child. Harry says he'll treat the baby like his own and I know he'll be a great father. I love him.

"Harley, it's for you," Louis Tomlinson handed me the phone. I smiled and took it from him. "Hello?" I answered. "Harley. Listen to me and listen good. This is Ed and I know your pregnant. I know everything. I will find you. You might be on tour with your pretty boy, but I'll find you and take you. And when I do, you'll regret leaving me. You'll be just about dead when I'm done with you. That's a promise. Bye sexy," a deep and slurred English voice rang. The phone hung up as I stood stunned. "Harry!" I cried. He ran in the room. "What's wrong?" "Ed. He called and said he would find me and take me," I clung to him. "I won't let him. He'll never take you. Ever".

You sure about that??

Okay that's it for Unlucky In Love, read more in Unlucky In Life: Sequel

PS: I Love You! <3

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