Unlucky In Love

"Sells love to another man, it's too cold outside, for angels to fly"
Harley Normand was paid to be the girlfriend of the one and only Ed Sheeran. He is told he can do anything he likes with her, just as long as she's paid. But what happens when Ed's best friend, Harry Styles, enters her life and tries to help this angel find a way out?...


8. Chapter 7

                "Harley," I heard and fluttered my eyes open. Harry appeared in my vision with a smile plastered on his lips. "Good morning beautiful," he kissed my forehead. "Mmm what time is it?" I yawned. "6:00 a.m." "Two hours my love," I smiled. "Yeah. You know what we should do?" Harry smirked. "What?" "We should go to Simon and tell that Ed sexually and physically abuses you," he replied. "Harry," I groaned. "Please. What's Ed gonna do? He was probably just trying to scare you. He'll do nothing," he sat up. Maybe Ed was just trying to psyche me out. What will he do? He can't fuckin kill me. "Fine. But promise to keep me safe," I whispered. He stuck out a pinky and wrapped it around mine. "Promise," he kissed my forehead. I sighed and snuggled closer. "You're beautiful," he spoke. 
              *A couple hours later.*
                   *Simon's Office*
           My brunette curls swung as I sat into the chair. And there he sat. The big man himself, Simon Cowell. Butterflies came in my stomach as Harry grabbed my hand. "Harley? Where's Ed? Why are you with Harry? That's in violation of our contract little missy," Simon asked questions. "There's something else in violation and that's why she has to stay with me," Harry got an attitude. "Harry," I spat. "What violation?" Simon asked. "Ed, he beats Harley. He just uses her for sex and if he doesn't get it, he beats her or he forces her. There are bruises and scars down her back," Harry explained. "Oh my God, Harley is this true?" Simon asked. I looked down and nodded, ashamed. "Harley come on. It's gonna be okay," Harry grabbed me and put me in his lap. "Do you, love her Harry?" Simon questioned. "Yes sir. I do," he replied. "Harley, it's a good thing you already have a relationship with Harry. Maybe we can make it where you and Ed break, then you go to Harry. No, Harry steals you away," Simon planned. Huh. He is a genius. "Wait, so that would make me the bad guy," Harry looked up. "I'm afraid so," Simon replied. "Okay. Anything for her to be away from him and with me," Harry kissed the tip of my nose. "We'll call Ed in. While that happens, I want you guys to go out in public. Act like friends. No hand holding, cheek kissing, regular kisses, nothing. Just walking and talking," he explained. "Thank you Simon," I spoke. "You're welcome Harley," he smiled. Harry stood up and helped me from the seat. We exited the office and Harry spun me around.                  


"You're out!" he cheered and crashed his lips with mine. "Wanna go out and show the world we're best friends?" I smiled. "Yep," he replied and let go of me. We started down the hall toward the door. "Where do ya wanna go?" Harry questioned. "The zoo!" I jumped. "Okay we'll go to the zoo," he laughed. "Not if I beat you there!" I ran ahead and my brunette curls swung aggressively from side to side in my ponytail. "Hey!" Haz called and chased after me. I ran through the door and down the sidewalk. Harry ran and became closer and closer. I ran until I saw the sign for the zoo. I stopped and Harry caught up. "We're here," he caught his breath. Yay!" I threw my hands up. "Okay come on," we walked in and looked at all the animals. Seals, elephants, zebras, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! Enough with the Wizard of Oz jokes. We walked out laughing about what baby Lux once said. "Why would she say 'Hally'," I laughed. "I don't know. Ask her," Harry chuckled. I giggled. He smiled at me. "What?" I playfully shoved his shoulder. "I wanna kiss you," he bit his lip. "Too bad. We have to be besties," I smiled. "Now can we go get ice cream?"
    *Coming Out Of Ice Cream Parlor*
            "Holy shit," Harry said to himself as we saw tons of paparazzi out the parlor. "What do we do?" I looked up at him, worried. I had never been in this situation. "We can't look like a couple. We just go out and answer questions okay?" he checked. I nodded. Here we go..

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