Unlucky In Love

"Sells love to another man, it's too cold outside, for angels to fly"
Harley Normand was paid to be the girlfriend of the one and only Ed Sheeran. He is told he can do anything he likes with her, just as long as she's paid. But what happens when Ed's best friend, Harry Styles, enters her life and tries to help this angel find a way out?...


6. Chapter 5 *Mature Content*

               *A couple days later* 
         Ed has been Edward for 3 days. Non stop. He forces himself on me and when I refuse, I get hit. I've been forced into sex seven times. Twice for 2 days and then yesterday he forced me into three times. I was so sore. 
         I do have a new best friend since Ed won't let me contact Lizzy. Harry. Harry and I have grown very close and I even told him about Ed's actions. I also told him that Ed threatened to punish me if I told. So Harry keeps it secret that he knows. 
          I sat with Harry on the couch in the studio. Ed had hit me and I needed Harry for help. So as soon as Ed left for the strip club, I ran to Harry. "Ow," I flinched as Harry smoothed his thumb over my bruised cheek. "Sorry. That son of a bitch needs to be beat," Harry's face got red with anger. "Calm down. It's okay. Just ignore babe," I hugged him tightly. "Did you just call me babe?" he smiled. I blushed and nodded in embarrassment. "Cute," he kissed my forehead. 
          As he lay back onto the pillow, I cuddled against his chest. My finger played through his brunette curls as they sprung back to his head. He looked from the TV and into my eyes. I smiled and snuggled in his chest. "Harley," he cooed. "Yeah?" I looked up. He bent down and pressed his lips to mine. I wanted to let go, before Ed came, but I couldn't. And something told me to kiss him back. Harry placed his hand to the back of my neck, pressing me closer. I wrapped my arms around his waist. He eventually broke the kiss and I breath in air. "I love you. Ed is a dumbass and doesn't deserve you. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and I wish you were mine," Harry whispered. "I love you too. But we can't be together. I have to be with Ed, and if he knew we were in love...." I gulped, thinking of what he would do to Harry. I got up from the couch. 
What he would do to Harry worried me. I could care less what he did to me. And that's when I realized I was in love. With Harry. Just Harry.
          "Who said Ed had to know?" he got up and held me. "If he found out?" I put my head under his chin. "He won't. You don't know what he hides from you. So why should he know what you hide from him?" Harry kissed my cheek. Ed was probably fucking a stripper in the back of a club as we speak. "Okay. Ed gets home at 11:00 every night. So, you'll have me until then," I smiled. "Yes!" he picked me up and spun me around. I laughed as he sat me down. He came me a gentle kiss and hugged me tighter. "I have to get home," I whispered. It was 10:00 and I didn't want to get hurt. I kissed Harry once more and then left the room smiling. I squealed and jumped into the elevator. 
        Once I left the building, I slid on my coat and started home. The cool air hit my face as I looked in the store windows. 
          I finally reached the flat and walked in the door. I turned and locked the door back. "Back so late?" someone scoffed. I turned to see Ed sitting in the recliner with his arms crossed. "Um, you weren't supposed to be back until eleven," I spoke nervously. "Well, it's Wednesday, they close early. Plus, 'Dark Horse' wasn't there, so I wasn't satisfied. I guess your ass will have to do," he got up and pressed me to the wall. "No Ed please not again," I begged. "Shut the fuck up you slut!" I felt a sharp pain through my cheek. I yelped in pain as he slung me over his shoulder. I began to cry and he threw me onto the bed. "No!" I screamed. Ed grabbed silver duct tape and smoothed it against my lips. All my screams became just mumbles. He began to undress me and handcuffed me to the headboard. He tossed his clothes to the side and hopped over me. "Okay. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't walk in the morning ya stupid sexy ass bitch," he pumped into me. "Fuck!" he yelled and thrust harder. "Mmmm baby right there!" he ran his fingers in my back as he continued to pushed into me. I slammed against the headboard as he held it. He bit his lip. "You fucking love this, you bitch! You want me to fuck you senseless all night long don't you?!" he slapped me. "Don't you?!!" He spat. I nodded viscously. "Fuck!! yeah!!" he came inside me. He plopped beside me and snuggled into the cover as he calmed down. I cried and lay there against the headboard. Handcuffed, naked, and duct taped. Man I'm just unlucky. Unlucky in love.


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