Unlucky In Love

"Sells love to another man, it's too cold outside, for angels to fly"
Harley Normand was paid to be the girlfriend of the one and only Ed Sheeran. He is told he can do anything he likes with her, just as long as she's paid. But what happens when Ed's best friend, Harry Styles, enters her life and tries to help this angel find a way out?...


4. Chapter 3

                  I awoke that morning, in an unfamiliar bed. Tattooed arms were wrapped around my bare waist. I began to think of the reason I was bare and started to sob. "Harley? Harley are you crying?" I heard Ed wake. "I'm, I'm not," I sniffed, still afraid. He turned me around and held me closer. He probably just held me because I'm fucking naked. 
                    "Harley, I'm sorry for last night. I get like that. But not often. I guess you were so tempting I couldn't resist. Please please forgive me. Please?" he looked in my eyes, and I saw sorry in his. "I don't know," I ran my hand through his nappy hair. "Cause you are my one, and only. You can wrap your fingers round my thumb, and hold me tight. And you'll be alright," he sang my favorite song. I LOVE that song. "That's your favorite," he smiled as he finished the song. "How did you know?" I asked. "By the way you were giggling and you kissed my chest," he chuckled. "Oh. Sorry," I giggled. "It's alright. You're beautiful," he kissed my forehead. "I'm hungry. And FYI, you'll be hearing those two words a lot," I patted his chest. He laughed and climbed out of bed. I covered my eyes and he slid on a robe. "Sorry baby. Here, take this. Even though I would love to see you without it," he handed me a pink robe with an HS on it. "What is the 'HS' for?" I asked. "Harley Sheeran," he smiled. I blushed as he left the room. I got out of bed and slipped into the covering. My bare feet patted against the hardwood floor as I reached the door. I opened it and stepped out. I spotted Ed cooking something in the kitchen. 
                     "I made you a pancake, love," Ed held one up. "Aw thanks," I walked over and kissed his stubble. The pricks itched my lips. I sat at the table and started to eat. He placed a chair right beside mine and sat. "So I was your celebrity crush?" he asked. "Yes. I had it bad," I turned to him and smiled. "That's cute," he grabbed my hand. "I like you, Ed," I sat in his lap. "I like you too babe," he kissed my neck. "Lips pressed to my neck. I'm fallin for your eyes, but they don't me yet," he sang as he ran his fingers up and down my arm. "Kiss me like you wanna be loved, wanna be loved, wanna be loved. This feels like fallin in love, fallin in love, fallin in love," I joined. That's the first time I've ever sung to someone. "Wow. I didn't know you sing," he hugged. I nodded. "You have a great voice," he held my hand. "Yours is like an angel. That's why I loved you. I thought you were an angel," I laid my head upon his shoulder. "I'm not an angel," he whispered. "Yeah. Kinda figured that out," I sighed. "I'm sorry. How about today I take you to meet my best friend. You'll see the real me," he smiled. "That would be great," I got up. "I'll go change," I headed toward my luggage. "Wait!" Ed yelled. He ran toward me and pushed me against the wall. He kissed me passionately. "I wanna be loved," he whispered then walked in the other part of the flat. "Wow," I gasped to myself. I bit my lip and ran to the bathroom. I changed into my white dress and curled my hair. I stepped out to see Ed in a hoodie and blue jeans. His eyes widened at me. "You look perfect," he held me by the waist. "Don't lie to me". "I would never," he kissed me gently. 

                    One hour later, we arrived at a building and exited the car. Ed grabbed my hand and held me close to his side. We reached the door and Ed had to type in a code to unlock it. "Who's your best friend?" I asked as we entered the building. "You'll see," he smiled. We went up to the front desk. "Ed! Oh who's this beautiful girl?" the lady grinned. "This is my girl. Harley," he introduced me and I waved. "Okay, here to see the best friend?" she asked. Ed nodded. "Go right ahead".

                     We walked into the elevator and he kissed me when the door shut. "I love you," he stated. I gave him a look. "You can't love me already," I laughed. "With you, I guess it's possible".

                 We entered a room a couple minutes later. I spotted five boys sitting on a couch. Ed grasped my hand a little tighter. The door closed and one of the boys looked to us. "Ed! Wow. Who's this?" a cute boy with curly brown hair and green eyes came up to us. He hugged Ed then kissed my hand. I felt sparks flow through me. I smiled. "Harry, this is Harley. My girlfriend," he put his hand around my waist, pulling me to his side. "Well it is very nice to meet you Harley. May I speak with you?" Harry asked. I looked to Ed, he nodded and I followed Harry. We went to the other part of the room while Ed had a watchful eye. "Sometimes Ed can be a little rough. Has he um, hurt you?" he asked. If you tell anyone, you will be punished. Ed's threatening words ran through my mind. "Be careful," Harry warned. We walked back to Ed and he grabbed me. "What did he ask?". "If I love you," I lied. "What did you say?" he smiled. "I said yes," I kissed him. "So, you're Ed's girl?" a blonde haired boy scanned me from head to toe. "No! I'm Harley!" I joked. They laughed. "Yep. She's with Ed all right," a boy with brown hair and blue eyes laughed. "Yeah! Mine!" Ed acted like a five year old and picked me up. I giggled as he spun me around. 

                   The boys started talking so I went onto the balcony. The city was beautiful. "Pretty right?" I turned to see Harry standing there. He walked beside me. "Ed told me you made love last night. You just met, and I know you can't be a whore, so, what really happened?" he asked. "If I tell, I'm punished," I spoke. "I would never tell a soul," he grabbed my hand. I felt the sparks go off again. "HARRY!" someone yelled. Ed. "Edward's back," Harry gasped. "Edward?" I asked. "It's what we call his bad side".


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