Unlucky In Love

"Sells love to another man, it's too cold outside, for angels to fly"
Harley Normand was paid to be the girlfriend of the one and only Ed Sheeran. He is told he can do anything he likes with her, just as long as she's paid. But what happens when Ed's best friend, Harry Styles, enters her life and tries to help this angel find a way out?...


2. Chapter 1

"So let me get this straight, all you have to do is be his girlfriend?" my best friend Lizzy asked. "Right. And it's Ed Sheeran. Aren't I lucky?" I laughed. "How much do they pay you?" "A thousand a day," I smiled. "Damn! That's a lot for Ed Sheeran!" she gasped. "Yeah. I was like, Why so much? Ed is one of my celebrity crushes," I replied. "So what do you do as Ed Sheeran's girlfriend?" she questioned. "Well, the contract said he could do whatever he wanted with me," I giggled. "Damn, is he gonna use you for a sex slave?" "Of course not. It's Ed fucking Sheeran!" I gave her a look. "I guess so. I just don't want him to hurt you," she sighed. "He won't," I assured. 

A few hours later, I followed what I had agreed on. I clicked onto the app I had labeled, Ed's Flat. A map appeared with a red dot that seemed just a couple blocks away. I stepped around corners and corners until I lined up with the red dot. I turned from my phone to see a flat with a garden out front. I stepped to the the front door and took the key from my pocket. Sliding the key in the lock, I opened the wood door. I peered through the crack, seeing empty house. I stepped inside and took a seat on the couch, putting my things on the table. "Hello," I heard an English voice from behind. I turned to see the red head, blue eyed man that would now call me his. "Um, hi," I spoke nervously. "Don't be nervous. I'm just Ed". 
But I had a reason to be nervous....

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