Kidnapped By One Direction (14+)

Ali is kidnapped and her kidnappers is One Direction! At first she is freaked out but will there felings change? Will she run away? Will she fall in love? What will she do?

WARNING! This book has things like SEX and SEXUAL things in it! So don't say I didnt warn you!


2. The Party

Ali's POV

Yes! All done with my homework. Time to go party! (Party like a rock star, party like a rock star!) So my mom doesn't know im going so im going to tell her im going to Emma's house.

"Mom!" I yealled.

" Im going to Emma's."

"Ok just make sure you don't stay out to late."

"Ok mom bye!"

"Bye honey."

I meet Emma at the street corner we start walking to Jack's house. The reason im walking is because my mom won't buy me a car. Like really I'm a 17 year old with out a car and she would never let me use her car.

Emma: I love your outfit!

Me: Thx I love yours too! So is Carson (her boyfriend) going to be there?

Emma: Ya he is so this is going to be really fun! We turn a corner.

Emma: Wow I can hear the music from here!

Me: oh well here's Jack's house.

Emma POV

Me: ok theres Carson bye!

Ali: bye Emma have fun with Carson Carson and me have been dating for a month now and he is an amazing person!

Carson: Hi baby

Me: Hi Carson

Carson: wanna dance?

Me: Ya So we danced for a while.

Than one of favorite songs came on Gas Pedal! (Slow down, grab the wall, wiggle like your tri'en make ass fall off) After that song we went to get a drink from the kitchen. The only brink there was beer so we drank some. I felt kind of weird. I think I was starting to get drunk. I think Carson was too. So we sat down. When we sat down Carson and me started talked. He thinks we should start having sex. I said ya but that might have been the alcohol talking who knows. We started walking around the house and we found an empty bedroom. So we were going to use that Carson left for a few minutes to go find Jack and ask if he had any condoms. I was sitting on the bed waiting. When he came back he had one.

Carson: Jack had some

Me: ok good but I have to tell you something I'm a virgin 

Carson: It's all good I'll take it slow

Me: ok good thx :)

So we started making out like alot! His tongue in my mouth fell warm but good. We started taking off our clothing. He told me to give him a blowjob I didn't know what a blowjob was but than he told me. I was liking his penis like a popsicle. Than I started sucking it.


Carson: oh oooh ya thats the way babe

Me: Thanks

After that he started kissing me from neck down to my belly button. He put his tongue bye vagina area and he started he started moving his tongue around down there. It felt really good. So than he put his condom on. He asked me if I was ready. I said yes. I was on bottom he was on top. So he put his penis inside. It hurt alot so he went went really slow in and out in and out. It started to fell better and it didn't hurt as much now. He went in and out again over and over again. When it was over it felt soooo good we kissed and that was it.

Carson: that was amazing!

Me: It felt amazing for me too!

Carson: So lets get our clothing back on and go back to the party

Me: Ya lets do that.

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