Kidnapped By One Direction (14+)

Ali is kidnapped and her kidnappers is One Direction! At first she is freaked out but will there felings change? Will she run away? Will she fall in love? What will she do?

WARNING! This book has things like SEX and SEXUAL things in it! So don't say I didnt warn you!


3. The Kidnapping

Ali's POV

I wonder we were Emma is. I haven't seen her for a while. 

Oh there she is she's coming down the stairs with Carson.

Me: Hi Emma

Emma: Hey Ali guess what!

Me: What? 

Emma: Me and Carson did it.

Me: Did what? 

Emma: Did "It"

Me: Really?!

Emma: Ya. 

Me: How was it?

Emma: It was amazing. Like nothing I've ever felt before!

Me: Wow must of been fun.

Emma: It was!

Me: ok lets dance!

Emma: Ya!

We danced for like the longest time ever. #TurnUp! After a while I looked at my phone and its 11:00pm! Shit! My mom's going to kill me!

Me: Emma I have to go its 11 my moms going to kill me 

Emma: Ok Bye have a nice walk home

Me: Ya

I closed the door behind me and walked outside. This time it is colder outside. There isn't enyone else outside right now except for me. I was geting that feeling again that I was being followed but, I turned around to see if there was enyone there and there wasn't. So I kept walking. All of a sudden I here footsteps behind me. But I didn't look back. I kept walking.  The footsteps got louder. So I looked behind me and there was a group of 5 guys behind me I could see there faces though it was too dark out. I started walking faster and than I triped over my own legs. When I fell something hit me really hard on my head. I passed out... 


I woke up and there is a guy standing next to me. Guys she's awake. 

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