Kidnapped By One Direction (14+)

Ali is kidnapped and her kidnappers is One Direction! At first she is freaked out but will there felings change? Will she run away? Will she fall in love? What will she do?

WARNING! This book has things like SEX and SEXUAL things in it! So don't say I didnt warn you!


5. The Flashback

Oh my goodness I'm going to start updating again. It's been so long and my phone is coming really soon so I can update and write easily. So I will start writing again and might even start a new movella. 



Harry: So how's the beer?

Interesting I guess.

Zayn: You get use-to the taste. 

      I just keep drinking and drinking. The taste got better and better as I kept drinking. I started to feel crazy. Like I can do anything. My body just felt weird and different. So I started flirting with Zayn. I played with his hair and I kissed him. But I don't realize the other guys where right bye me. Zayn told me to go to my room so we could continue. 

Zayn: Guys tonight's my night with the her! See ya in the morning. 

     I was waiting for him on my bed. The door opened it's Zayn. We got on the bed and started making out. He started grabbing my boobs "ohh" I said. I started pulling off his shirt. He took off my shirt and pants as well as my bra and panties. His shirt was off and his cock was hard as fu*k! I took off his shorts and meanwhile we where still kissing. FU*K that's a huge COCK! I say. 

Zayn: oh babe give me a blowjob! 

I would be happy too. 

.          I grab that hard cock and tell him to lay down. I started by putting the head of it in my mouth. I sucked at it for a little bit. Than I sucked the whole thing he seemed to love it in and out I went he was moaning so I could tell it was great for him. I really liked it too. He just kept on moaning. Mmmm I say it all felt so good. 

Zayn: FU*K I'm going to cum! oohhh 

.           He did and It slides down my throat. I could feel the cum making its way to my stomach! 

Zayn: that was great. Lets go to sleep babe.

I was still drunk. We both went to sleep togather.



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