Kidnapped By One Direction (14+)

Ali is kidnapped and her kidnappers is One Direction! At first she is freaked out but will there felings change? Will she run away? Will she fall in love? What will she do?

WARNING! This book has things like SEX and SEXUAL things in it! So don't say I didnt warn you!


1. The Beginning

Ali's POV

I know Emma the party is going to be amazing! 

"Well oveusly because its Jack's party. His parties are the BEST."

Said Emma

"Now students turn too page 69 in your American Studies book please" said Mr. Barger

Oh how I hate Mr. Barger his class is the most dumbest classes and I hate how I have it 8th hour. The last hour of the day. 49 minutes of blah blah blah blah blah. >:( 


I'm walking home from school and I felt like someone is watching. I have had this feeling for like a week and it's friday (It's friday friday got to gotta get out in friday) but, it's ok because I can't wait for Jack's party. Homework is hard but I got to get it done especially because I probably won't have eny other time to work on it. "TOOT". Looks like Emma messaged me on facebook. 

Emma: Hey

Me: Hey

Emma: What's up

Me: Homework and it's so difficult. I don't think I will be able to finish it in time for the party :(

Emma: I got you girlllll k I'll send you a pic of my homework than you copy it 

Me: OMG!!!! Thx gurl

Emma: Bye!

Me: Bye and Thx!

Now I got to get this all on paper and fast! 




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