Kidnapped By One Direction (14+)

Ali is kidnapped and her kidnappers is One Direction! At first she is freaked out but will there felings change? Will she run away? Will she fall in love? What will she do?

WARNING! This book has things like SEX and SEXUAL things in it! So don't say I didnt warn you!


4. The Awakening

Sorry I haven't updated in a LOOONG Time!😢😢  But in updating now. This is short but I'll start updating like 1 time a week! Follow me on Instagram! @hey_girl_hey  Send me any ideas in the comments! Please Like👍. Favorite. Comment. Hope you enjoy!  👌✌


Wow... My head really hurts. Wait you guys were the people that were following me! Why an I here? I want to leave! Oh my! Your One Direction! I love your guys music! Your amazing! Why do you need me or more like why did you kidnap me?

Well you didn't letter us explanation you just started asking a bunch of questions. Your mom and dad sold us to you. Niall explained.  We bought your for 10k (10,000). Our manager told us we need more girls in our life since we have no girl friends or girls to talk to in our life.

Ali: I can't belive my parents would sell me. I thought they loved me. 

Niall: They do but they needed the money your family had a lot of money problems that your parents never told you about so you didn't really know. 

Ali: Ya I really didn't know. 

Harry: Let us show you your room.  

Ali: Ok than.

Harry: We'll take you shopping soon for clothes and girl stuff (pads, tampons,ect.)

Ali: Ok

Liam: Here's your room. So get settled Well be down stairs. 

The guys walk downstairs to the TV area.

Louis: So when are we going to start that thing with her her? 

Niall: Soon.

Ali's POV

 I went down stairs and the boys were all sitting in the living room area drinking beer. I sat by Zayn since next to him was empty. He asked me if I wanted a beer. I said sure. I had drank alot. With out really knowing. 


I woke up in the room the boys had said was now mine, but right next to me was Zayn. I jumped out of bed and was like: What are you doing in my bed?!?

Zany: Babe what are you doing? 

What are YOU doing in my bed? 

Zany: What do you mean? You let me sleep with you after we had fun last night.


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