British Intelligence

* Skylar is played by Laura Murano * Skylar is a Secret agent in the british intelligence, but when she is teamed up with paul, one directions head of security to take down a gang of terroists. She must find something that her parents had left her before they were killed, what will happen if she cant find the object, or finds love? find out in this fantastic movella. This is my first movella so coment if you like it! :p


3. The Music Box

I was on the computer when Paul asked what I was doing. I told him ''I was bored and was hacking into some databases that seem fun, I already know what is in the McDonalds secret sauce!'' Everybody started laughing. Louis said '' Know that you will be stayhing with us love, can you at least tell us who you are and what you and Paul were talking about in the limo?'' I looked at Paul for authorization he nodded. '' Well see me and your friend Paul are field agents for the British intelligence. I am being targeted by a gang of terrorists called the men in black. They had also killed my parents and well they are targeting me because I aperwntly have domrthing that could take over B.I.T.A I am still trying to find it, there has always been secrets in my house, But the only thing that I could remember is that before she left me she said that the secret lies with Charlette'' " Paul, ok so think is there anything that there is something that could help us out?" I sat there thinking and couldn't think of anything. doon after I replied " I can't think of anything.'' ''wait'' I ran up stairs and got something that my parents had given me when I was just a little girl. A musicbox. '' Ok this isn't any time to listen to  any sappy music. '' I grabbed my phone and searched pictures of charlotte. The top results were of a small music box exactly like mine. I clicked on a website and found out that this music box was stolen from The PresiDent Of the United States. It also said that it had some very dark secrets that could awser some very important secret of the worlds greatest tragedies. '' That makes sence why the men in black want to get their hands on that.'' said Zayn. " But I still don't understand where they stored the secrets?'' Implies Harry. '' I am going to figure out what it is.'' I said determind. I spent an hour trying to figure it out when igot up to get a drink when Louis came ove and started to play takle football in the Living room. I tried to get them to stop when the music box Fell and shattered into pieces.


CliffHanger!!! So I will be adding some new characters Comment some names that you think would be cool and if you think they should be a spy or a villain. New characters should come on the weekend so comment and read the book. There will be some new thrillers in the book coming in. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

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