British Intelligence

* Skylar is played by Laura Murano * Skylar is a Secret agent in the british intelligence, but when she is teamed up with paul, one directions head of security to take down a gang of terroists. She must find something that her parents had left her before they were killed, what will happen if she cant find the object, or finds love? find out in this fantastic movella. This is my first movella so coment if you like it! :p


5. The music Box Part 2

I look at the pieces thinking it was all over. Louis comes over ''Oh my gosh! I am so sorry! Wait what is that?'' He picks up a key and puts it in the light. Wait is that it just a Dang key! A few seconds later Paul comes down and says '' Who's ready for a world tour! wait is that.....'' He comes over and picks up a piece of the music box. ( By the way Sky lives in the top part of London.) '' Louis talked the boys and made me drop the box, but it is not a total loss, we found a key. Oh and what's the first the first stop on the world tour?'' ''London, by HQ, and what's a key have to do with all of this.'' ''That's what I am trying to figure out.'' ''Now boys hop in the car, its a 4 hour drive to London.'' said Paul and we started to drive to the ampatheatre. Sky fell asleep and had a dream of when she was a kid and saw that on her mothers key ring was the key that was in the music box. Skylar started to look around the house when she saw the attic door, but she never noticed it before, than she felt someones cold hands on my throught chocking me. I woke up with a gasp of air and a terrified look in her eyes. '' Sky, what's wrong'' said liam. '' I need to get home NOW  I think I know what the Men In Black want.'' ''Ok we'll come with you'' said Niall. '' I'd rather do this on my own, I kind of not good with working with a partner, no offence Paul.'' They pulled me up by my old house. My parents gave me the house in their will. Now I know why they didn't put it up for sale, it had something valuble in it, I went inside. I closed the door and headed to the attic door I took out the key and opened the door I heard geares working when I opened it their was a dum waiter shaft and I crawled inside it took me down full speed and I found myself in a spy training office. I started ruffling through papers and found a book . The title was the presidents book. My parents are both American but they were asined a mission here and fell in love with the country and desided to stay. I had heard rumors about this book. In its pages, held the awnser to all the questions that americans have always wanted to know. Is area 51 real? Did the Apollo really land on the moon? The awnsers lie in this book. I got out my phone and dialed my best friend Alyssa who is also a spy. I heard it ring ''Hello?''.

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