British Intelligence

* Skylar is played by Laura Murano * Skylar is a Secret agent in the british intelligence, but when she is teamed up with paul, one directions head of security to take down a gang of terroists. She must find something that her parents had left her before they were killed, what will happen if she cant find the object, or finds love? find out in this fantastic movella. This is my first movella so coment if you like it! :p


1. The Begining

I just sat there, thinking about what it would be like to be a normal teenager. As soon as the thought came into my haed I snapped myself out of it. I could never be a normal teen, once your in the british intelligence you cant get out. It was karaoke night at smoothie corner. I was stiiting there thinking when a group of five guys and a body guard came in. It looked important so I got up payed Arny, the owner and started to leave when the body guard looked at me straight in the eyes, he looked familiar, like I had seen him on baser or something. I left the smoothie corner and after about five minuetes I noticed I was being fallowed. I turned into a alley and waited for him to catch up. [ Now would be a good time to tell you about myself, I am Skylar but people call me Sky, I am a  secret agent for the british Intelligance (B.I.T.A) , so was my whole family. My parents were murdered by a group of terrorists called men in black they always where black and are trying to take over the British Intelligence, but it seems they are planning something way bigger. They are looking for something my parents gave to me before they died. For the past month I have been looking for the object that they are looking for. So far I have found nothing.]

'' Where is it " The man said" ''you'll have to be more specific, What is it''  they start to fight. I kill the man by Twisting his neck. He is lying there dead. He is probably a men in black agent. Then all of a sudden I see the body guard from the shop and he is standing there. " Are you a part of the british intelligence'' The body guard said. '' What is it to you?'' I said " I am one too"

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