British Intelligence

* Skylar is played by Laura Murano * Skylar is a Secret agent in the british intelligence, but when she is teamed up with paul, one directions head of security to take down a gang of terroists. She must find something that her parents had left her before they were killed, what will happen if she cant find the object, or finds love? find out in this fantastic movella. This is my first movella so coment if you like it! :p


2. Meeting The Boys

I started to walk to the car. ''I am Paul by the way'' the man said '' Hey, i'm Sklar but you can call me Sky'' I replied. ''Noted'' This is my car right here. It was a large limo. I entered through the passengers seat and as soon as I was about to open the door, I has harassed by photographers and screaming girls. I got into attack position, when Paul came up to me and told me to stand down. He wasn't my boss, but I still obeyed because I didn't want to attract  attention. I got into the car. there were 5 boys sitting there they looked like I was going to scream so the Blonde haired one took his hand over my mouth. I did this hand twist that I learned from some of my other spy friends. The boy took his hand off my mouth and said, '' Don't you EVER touch me unless you want to loose your hand.'' The boys looked at me terrified. I liked that look. Paul finally got into the car after finding his way around the car. He got in and strted down the road. Nialls POV- So me and Louis were talking about playing a prank on harry and zany was fixing his hair when this beautiful girl with brown hair and beautiful amber highlights walked into the car. I didn't want her to scream, so I put my hand over her mouth, wrong move. She twisted my hand, which really hurt if I might add and told me to never touch her again. Now she is looking a little bit less beautiful. Sky's POV-  Paul told me to stop being mean to the boys and he started to tell me about what was happening. I am in the car with the famous band one direction. He is a field agent like me in the B.I.T.F ( British Intelligence Task Force ) I told him about myself, he told me he heard about me. Than Liam bursts out '' WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!!!'' I ignored and kept on talking about what I have to do and find. Soon we got to this HUGE flat ( apartment) he told me that I could stay with them until things got figured out. He showed me to my temporary room and I found all the boys stareing at me in the living room. Paul gestured for me to come and sit down than we just watching tv, well I was hacking into some fun databases and searching about one direction. Turns out they are one of the most popular banmds in the world. Great now this is going to be fun.

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