Back to December

December is when we first met. He was new at school, and rumor was going around to stay away from him, because he was "the bad boy". But something about him kept me wondering what he is really like. His name was Harry Styles, and he had the greenest eyes, the curliest brown and hair and the cutest dimples. He had a lot of bad past, but so did I. I couldn't stay away from him, no matter what happened. I had to have this boy in my life, no matter what risk I had to take. Something had me thinking that if I get involved I would want to go Back To December and start over, good or bad.


4. You saved me

(Gracie's pov):

    Tonight I was going to a party, and this party wasn't like a party I would usually go to, there would be alchahol, and drugs, and Harry. He is the worst drug of all, I just want to keep going to him, and I know he doesn't want me. I was a party girl, but not the kind that gets drunk and sleeps with random guys. I would dance with guys but nothing more. But tonight, I would do anything I could to make Harry show his true emotions. I don't care if I had to make out with a random guy, if it ment that Harry would finally end up with me then that would be alright for me. I had a dress that was really tight fitting in all the right places and made everything pop a bit, and I had silver sparkly heels and my hair was curled with make up. Tonight was the night I would get my man. 

(Harry's pov):

   I was going to a party tonight and I was going to get drunk as hell. I grabbed my keys and left to go to the club. As I was driving my mind kept going back to Gracie, what if she was there? Would I see her? Would I ever admit to myself that I like her? Tonight hopefully things would change, for better or for worse. As I walk into the club I immediately spot her. She is looking sexy as hell and she is dancing with another guy, shit. Fuck this I thought, I need a beer. I go over to the bartender. "One shot of jack and the strongest beer you have" "coming right up" i look over and Gracie is looking at my biting her lip, and then she goes over to another guy and kisses him right in front of me. By now I have had like 5 shots and 3 beers and I'm pretty drunk. But not that drunk to see that the guy she is kissing wants to have some fun with her. I look and they aren't there any more. I run out of the club and hear her screaming at the guy to get off of  her. And right when I hear this I can't take it anymore. I run to the Alley where I hear them and I see Gracie. The guy has her pushed up against the wall. It looks like he has slapped her and pushed her to the ground and now he was going to rape her. She had tears in her eyes. "WHAT THE HELL MAN? GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF OF HER!" "What are you going to do man?" And I couldn't take it anymore. I ran towards him and tackled him to the ground and started beating the hell out of him. "She told you to stay the fuck away from you, now I have called the cops, and I am going to suggest they put your sorry ass in prison so I never have to see your face again." The cops came and put him in the back and I explained what happened. They thanked me and I ran over to Gracie who was still on the ground. I picked up her fragile body and just held her in my arms. She fell apart and started bawling. "Shh, babe it's ok" "Harry, you saved me, thank you, I didn't think you cared" "we'll once I woke up and realized I was being an ass I realized I have a beautiful girl right in front of me, and Gracie I can't stay away from you" "Harry, you know how I feel about you, now shuts up and kiss me" I kissed her and it felt so right. "Can I stay at our place tonight?" "Sure baby girl." I carried her to my car and we drove to my house. Once we got in I gave her a shirt to wear and we watched "Love Actually" and she eventually fell asleep and I carried her up to my bed and we went to bed.

(hey y'all! Let me know how you feel about this story! Personally it's one of my favorites I'm writing!)

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