Back to December

December is when we first met. He was new at school, and rumor was going around to stay away from him, because he was "the bad boy". But something about him kept me wondering what he is really like. His name was Harry Styles, and he had the greenest eyes, the curliest brown and hair and the cutest dimples. He had a lot of bad past, but so did I. I couldn't stay away from him, no matter what happened. I had to have this boy in my life, no matter what risk I had to take. Something had me thinking that if I get involved I would want to go Back To December and start over, good or bad.


2. You Cant Like Me

(Harrys pov):

   Gracie had texted me her addresses earlier so I knew where she lived. I am driving to her house and I am listening to the kind of music I like which is like a heavy metal rock type. Earlier today I found out she liked country and really only country, so I was going to try and get her into liking the kind of music I like her, but that doesn't mean she should or has to like me. Anyway I made it to her house and got out and walked up to her front door. I heard footsteps shuffling around and then she came to the door and opened it up. "Hey Harry, come on in and we can get started" I followed her in and she brought me up to a room which I am guessing is hers, and she had a big desk in there I am guessing so we could work.

(Gracie's pov):

    Harry and I worked a little bit but I soon found out he can't really concentrate on something for a  long amount of time. He would get angry or irritated and then he would slam his head on the desk and run his fingers through his hair. And I must admit he was pretty sexy when he was upset. "Harry hun, why don't we take a break for a while and maybe just relax and watch some t.v or something" "ok that sounds good" He stood up and we made our way to the bed to watch T.V when I really had a sudden urge to kiss him. I leaned in but he stopped me. "Gracie, you cant like me, I am dangerous and I could break your heart within a matter of seconds" "does it really look like I care Harry" "no not really" "ok, now shut up and kiss me"

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