Back to December

December is when we first met. He was new at school, and rumor was going around to stay away from him, because he was "the bad boy". But something about him kept me wondering what he is really like. His name was Harry Styles, and he had the greenest eyes, the curliest brown and hair and the cutest dimples. He had a lot of bad past, but so did I. I couldn't stay away from him, no matter what happened. I had to have this boy in my life, no matter what risk I had to take. Something had me thinking that if I get involved I would want to go Back To December and start over, good or bad.


3. We can't be together, but at the same time it feels right

(Gracie's pov):

     Harry continued to kiss me, and it got heated. He layed me down on my bed and our kiss got really heated. I was pulling at his shirt when he stopped me. "Gracie, stop" "oh come on Harry I know you were enjoying it also" "no, I didn't feel anything, now I think I should get going, it's getting late" "but Harry, what about our project?" "Can't you finish it, I mean I did a little over half, I'm sure you can do the rest, I'm sorry Goodnight." And then he walked out of my life just as quick as he came into it.

(Harry's pov):

     I liked her, I really did but I knew I would break her heart, so I ran out. God damn Harry get ahold of yourself,I could have any girl I want and I'm thinking about someone I barley know! My phone went off and it was her. I ignored her and she sent me a text. "Harry, we need to talk about what happened tonight, I like you, and I wish you would like me, if you want to talk come over tonight" oh god, I know I shouldn't get caught up in this girl, but I just can't help it, so I decided i was going to go to her house tonight and make things right between us, it's the right thing to do. 

(Gracie's pov):

    I really wanted him to come, but I'm probably getting ahead of myself, I mean I just met this guy and he is already messing with my mind! I was looking on twitter when I heard a knock on the door. I ran to it and Harry was standing there. "Hi" "Harry, I didn't think you were going to come" "well, I did, so talk" "Ok, no need to be so harsh!, god damn Harry, can't you just admit you have feelings for me as well?" "Gracie, I mean it when I say this, I don't" "Harry, please come on and just admit it, I have been nothing but honest with you about my feelings, so why can't you just quit being an ass and admit it because I am getting sick of wai... I got cut off my his lips which were placed on mine. "We can't be together Gracie, but it feels so good when we are together, I should go" and he walked out of my house out into the December air leaving me curious, upset but in love with him.


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