Back to December

December is when we first met. He was new at school, and rumor was going around to stay away from him, because he was "the bad boy". But something about him kept me wondering what he is really like. His name was Harry Styles, and he had the greenest eyes, the curliest brown and hair and the cutest dimples. He had a lot of bad past, but so did I. I couldn't stay away from him, no matter what happened. I had to have this boy in my life, no matter what risk I had to take. Something had me thinking that if I get involved I would want to go Back To December and start over, good or bad.


1. Him.

(Gracie's pov):

    It was the first day in December and I was at school with my best friends, Aubrie, Marlee, Jenna and Avery. We were talking when he walked by. Nobody knew him because he just moved here to Hawaii. As he walked in everyone started whispering things and saying he was the schools newest "bad boy". He looked just like one, I mean he drove a motorcycle, he had really baggy jeans and he just looked "bad". I couldn't help but stare at him though. I had to know him, I had to know his name and be apart of his life. But all those thoughts were interrupted by the bell, which means I have to go to science. I waved goodbye to my friends and walked to class. As I was getting settled, he walked in. I was hoping and praying to myself he would sit by me, because then I might get a chance to talk to him. I saw Mr. Johnson point to my spot and he came over to me and sat down. "I'm Harry.... Harry styles" "oh, hi, I'm Gracie... Jackson" I said to him, and damn was he hot. All during class he kept staring at me. At the end of class Mr. Johnson told us we were assigned to do a project, involving the cells and everything. We had to do the project with our lab partner, which means I would get to work with Harry. As the bell rang I got my stuff and Harry and I walked out of the room together. "So Gracie, whose house should we do the project at?" "We'll my mom is gone and so is y dad and siblings and they won't be back for a while, so how about mine?" "Sound great" Harry said. Throughout the whole day Harry and I had almost every class together. At the end of the day I walked to my car. I had given Harry my number, and he texted me saying he would be over soon with food and drinks. And all this time all I could think about was Him.

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