New Religion

A group of teens known as The Rebels stand up for what they believe in,while fighting a war against conformists and people who don't understand them.

Follow the story of The Rebels through the eyes of the Prophet Andy (Biersack) and other members of The Rebels such as The Mystic (Jinxx),The Destroyer (C.C),The Deviant Ashley (Purdy) and The Mourner Jake (Pitts).


3. The Battle Began


~Prophet Andy's P.O.V~

I looked around me at all the waiting soldiers,smiling and nodding in satisfaction."Rebels.......It's time",I spoke up before leading the army to the battlegrounds.I watched as one of the kids stuck our flag into the ground...The symbol of our army standing high and mighty,flowing in the wind.I inhaled deeply as I took my place in front of the kids that made up our horde of insurgency.The Deviant Ashley,The Destroyer (C.C),The Mystic (Jinxx) and The Mourner (Jake),all taking their places beside me.I looked at The Deviant,The Destroyer,The Mystic and The Mourner as the enemy took their place before us.The Destroyer took a step towards the enemy....Then with a punch to the ground,he pushed the enemy far away with that one punch..And with that.....The battle began....

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