New Religion

A group of teens known as The Rebels stand up for what they believe in,while fighting a war against conformists and people who don't understand them.

Follow the story of The Rebels through the eyes of the Prophet Andy (Biersack) and other members of The Rebels such as The Mystic (Jinxx),The Destroyer (C.C),The Deviant Ashley (Purdy) and The Mourner Jake (Pitts).


4. Shadows Die



~The Destroyer's P.O.V~

I punched the ground...That one punch helped force the enemy away while allowing us to charge.Then we stormed into the lair that the Conformist Sharks called home....Now is the time to take back a the world that once was ours...And we will...It will be ours again....


~The Deviant Ashley~

This is it...It's time that we fight back against everything that is normal and change the rules.The battle has begun and it's time to put an end to the Conformist Sharks...


~The Mourner~

We're finally able to lay the Conformist Sharks to rest and end all the rules that had controlled part of the population for so long...


"This time you'll show all that you can be"


~The Prophet Andy's P.O.V~

As we stormed the lair of the Conformist Sharks,we were fighting off the soldiers that were apart of their army.Swords going against staffs...The sound of metals grinding against each other.The fight that was started so long ago....was being resolved...


"Let shadows die,so I can feel alive.A church of lies can't tell me what is right.Our little victories and desires won't live on.Let shadows die,so I can feel alive...Feel alive"


It was coming down to the moment where we take down the last few soldiers that were apart of the Conformist Sharks....The plunging sound of the last sword had signified that we had won the fight...That all that stood in our way was now gone...The Conformist Sharks are finished...for now as we let shadows die.....


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