New Religion

A group of teens known as The Rebels stand up for what they believe in,while fighting a war against conformists and people who don't understand them.

Follow the story of The Rebels through the eyes of the Prophet Andy (Biersack) and other members of The Rebels such as The Mystic (Jinxx),The Destroyer (C.C),The Deviant Ashley (Purdy) and The Mourner Jake (Pitts).


1. Prologue~The Time Has Come

For The is nothing but pure survival.They try to survive in a world where they are surrounded by people who don't understand them and question why they aren't normal like everyone else (conformists sharks-as they call them).A world where all that is normal is cool and all that isn't normal is just a waste of space...a waste of time.But The Rebels are here to show them that,the time has come......for a new religion...

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